Whitney Morrison

: Certified Financial Planner and Money Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

Hi, I’m Whitney.

I'll teach coaches how to create a holistic money plan for their finances and fundamentally change your relationship to money and wealth.

Unlike most money coaching experiences, Holistic Money takes a three-dimensional approach to financial empowerment, focusing on Inner Wealth - how to cultivate an experience of internal abundance, Outer Wealth - how to earn, spend and invest to create external abundance - and Higher Wealth - how to connect your money with your highest purpose/power. Together, we will reconsider and reconstruct each money dimension to activate the highest version of your financial potential.

The Holistic Money process empowers you to step into the full value of your unique gifts by changing the way you relate to money. After working together, my clients find themselves standing in a financial future that looks and feels really good.

Work with Me

Are you struggling with...

Recognizing and capitalizing your full financial potential.
Financial organization, automation and systemization with money.
Understanding where you money goes each month and how to use it to build wealth and create financial freedom.
Earning less than your potential.
Feeling financial stress and worry.
Following through on your financial goals.

But what you really desire is…

Fun, lightness and creativity with money
Consistency in your savings, spending and earning strategies.
Radical simplicity and trust with your money and investments
Clarity on how to manage your money in your business (if applicable) and personal accounts without restriction and budgeting
Money strategies that support your money goals, but don’t risk your personal and spiritual values
Deep belief and confidence in yourself to build wealth, earn more and experience freedom.

Then I can help! Holistic Money Coaching takes a 3-dimensional approach to wealth building.

Month 1: Inner Wealth - Together, we will unearth your thoughts and feelings about money. We will challenge limiting beliefs around wealth and earning, and teach you how to think strategically about money so you can earn as much of it as you want and use it as a creative tool to build your dream life. We will set financial goals, including income and lifestyle to set the stage for the Money Mapping and expansion.

Month 2: Money Mapping - This month is about organization and tactics. We will build your Money Map and determine exactly how much money to spend, save and invest to ensure you're prepared for your goals. Whether you're working to pay off debt, wanting to quit your 9-5, building a coaching business or are looking to buy your third investment property, Money Mapping will provide you a simplified, automated money system that will provide clarity and ease in your financial life.

Month 3: Money Expansion - This month is all about EDUCATION and ACTION! We will create a wealth acceleration plan by diving into the 3 asset classes (Stock Market, Business, Real Estate) to determine how to strategically use each asset class to achieve your long-term goals. This month is about purpose, creativity and creating new opportunities to increase your income!

Holistic Money coaching includes 12-weeks of financial transformation sessions. To be considered for this program, you may apply through my website!