What Is The Secret To Feeling Better Fast?

Emotional strength.

Emotional strength is practiced and built through education and coaching.

The stronger you are emotionally…

The better you know how to feel.

The better you feel, the better life you have.

The tools of life coaching taught in our program do this.

They do it reliably.

This is the program that makes you strong enough to have the …







…that you are meant to have.

Let me help you with our proven program that’s been 20 life coaching years in the making.

Over the next few months you will learn…

How to feel great on a consistent basis so you’re motivated to do the activities that will create your best life.

We teach you and help you practice the tools of life coaching including…

  • The Self Coaching Model
  • Feeling Tools
  • Thinking Tools
  • Relationship Tools
  • Money Tools
  • Self Control/Discipline Tools
  • Stop Overeating Tools
  • Stop Overdrinking Tools
  • Goal Achievement Tools
  • Time Management Tools

The Format Is Convenient And Easy To Use

  1. Weekly group coaching with Master Coach Brooke Castillo
  2. Weekly, private one-to-one coaching with a certified coach
  3. Dozens of on-demand classes to watch at will (The Netflix of life coaching)
  4. Recordings of coaching delivered via private podcast to your phone

This is all included for one monthly membership fee of $297. This is less than the cost of many one-hour therapy sessions.


Try us out for the month and become one of the strongest, happiest, and most successful people you know.

Does it Work?

What Actual Students Are Saying


Brooke Castillo has been coaching for the last 20 years. She is known for having created some of the best tools in the industry. Her membership has attracted thousands of people and changed their lives in multiple ways, from losing weight, to earning more money, to improving relationships. Her coaching school is often quoted as being the “best life coaching school in the world.” She is dedicated to helping people feel better fast as she suffered needlessly for way too long.