People don’t usually think about success and the process of achieving it as being fun.

They think that the process will be grueling, filled with blood sweat, and tears.

This week on The Life Coach School Podcast, I am once again joined by the amazing Master Certified Coach Jody Moore to talk about success fun and why the journey can (and must) be the fun part.

Join us as we look at the reasons why so many people are miserable when they are working toward their goals and the biggest mistakes they make in that process. Tune in to find out exactly what you need to do to make hard work part of the fun!

What you will discover

  • Why most people DON’T have fun creating success in their lives.
  • The biggest mistakes people make in their businesses that make them miserable.
  • The power of delaying gratification and the role it plays in this process.
  • How to make hard work fun.
  • How to tell whether you should or shouldn’t pursue a goal.
  • The importance of understanding that you’re the one responsible for creating fun.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to The Life Coach School Podcast, where it’s all about real clients, real problems and real coaching. And now your host, Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo.

Brooke: What's up my friends? It's a very big day today. We have a returning guest, Jody Moore. She doesn't even need an introduction. Alright, maybe there's someone this is the first time they've ever listened to the podcast so why don't you introduce yourself, Jody? Tell us who you are.

Jody: Alright, I was thinking it's a big day for me because I get to be on The Life Coach School Podcast.

Brooke: Yes, everything's going to change after this.

Jody: Sure. Okay, my name is Jody Moore. I am a master certified coach through The Life Coach School. I went through certification originally over five years ago and then just went through master coach training last year and I also had the privilege to work for The Life Coach School. I still do I guess, actually I still teach for The Life Coach School and coach for The Life Coach School.

And the majority of my time is spent in my own coaching practice where I coach members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. Most of my clients are women right now, that is my focus, and we just work on problem solving and goal achievement that incorporates all of our values and all of the things that you guys hear on The Life Coach School Podcast, so it'll be fun.

Brooke: Yes. And I asked Jody to come be on the podcast to talk about success fun. And it sounds funny to other people when we put those two words together.

Jody: Doesn't it?

Brooke: Because for some people, I think they think success isn't fun and we don’t put those words together. We think there's times in our lives where we have fun and then there's success, but they're not together. And even now when I go to these masterminds, make sure you set aside time for fun. I'm like, what? This is the fun.

Jody: Well, I don't know. I think that people think once they achieve success, that's going to be fun. So I think sometimes people hear that word success and that sounds fun, like getting to the top of the mountain for the beautiful view, but it's like you're saying the whole process of getting there, that doesn't sound fun. You have to for sure be suffering and sweating and miserable to achieve success is the thought.

Brooke: So that's actually a super interesting distinction and I'll have to get your thoughts on this, but when I think about success, I don't think about there being a point that I get there. I think about success is all of it, is the journey to it and is when you're there and all of it, so that's probably a super important distinction.

Jody: Right, because there isn't that arrival point actually is what I'm learning and you certainly are better at understanding that than I am still but I feel like I've made progress. So last year when I hit my first seven-figure year, two-comma club year - how many figures is that? But because I had to do all of that work along the way to - like you talk about, living into it and making decisions from that place and experiencing the thrill of it along the way.

You're always trying to coach us in that way. So I was doing that work so that once we did hit that goal, my husband and I were running the business together at that point so it was our shared goal. And I remember in September I happened to be in Dallas, I think it was at coach training or something and he texts me and he's like, I just looked at our numbers and we just hit seven figures.

This was September so it was even early in the year and he was so excited, and I remember thinking yeah, I'm excited but I wasn't that excited because I'd already been excited all year. I'd already experienced that oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm going to do this. So I love what you teach that the journey is the success.

Brooke: Totally. And one of the reasons why I asked you in particular to come on and discuss this is because I think you embody this so well and I think part of the reason why this is such a huge thing in my life is when I started building the school, one of the values that I had was this has to be fun or we're not going to do it because I had before done some goals for the sake of doing them and I didn't have fun doing them, and I was like, what was the point of that?

It wasn't fun doing it, it wasn't fun achieving it, so I'm not doing anything that isn't fun anymore. And so you and I working together in sales, I remember there was a time when we were working on selling out a group and...

Jody: And I wasn't having fun.

Brooke: You were not having fun. And you were like, super upset. You didn't think we were going to meet the goal.

Jody: I think I was pregnant too in my defense.

Brooke: Right. It was like the one time you didn't have fun in your life. And I was like immediately, well then we're not doing this. If we can't have fun doing this, forget it. And so when I was thinking about preparing - which of course what we did in that situation just to full circle that is we changed the goal on it. Ended up having more fun and hitting the original goal anyway. So that's what I was thinking about today is why don't more people have fun creating success? So before I give you my answer, what do you think the answer is to that?

Jody: I think that we have been taught that you've got to work hard to be successful and that there's - when I first started working for you, I came from corporate. I worked at the University of Phoenix for many years and I did enjoy that job. I enjoyed many parts of it, but there was still kind of that mentality of like, we would go to these leadership retreats and it would be like, okay we're working and then we're going to take a break and we're going to go have some fun.

Ridiculous obstacle courses or whatever you do at corporate events. Like now is the fun part, and then now we got to work. And I think at least in my mind, those things were separate. I mean, even you think about it in school. I look at my kids in school and they're like, we have math and we have reading and we have whatever, and then at the end of the quarter we get to have a fun day.

You just separate those two things out so much that when you first offered to me like, no, we're just going to have fun doing this work and that we're allowed to actually and that we can modify it accordingly and we can even change our goals accordingly, I was like, wait, what? What are you talking about?

Brooke: Is that allowed?

Jody: To me, it was a foreign concept. I don't know. What do you think?

Brooke: Yeah. I think part of the reason that people don't have fun, and this is for anything in their life is they expect the thing to bring the fun. So they expect the job or the - they'll say my job isn't fun as if it's the job's job to be fun, or this work isn't fun, or I'm not having fun and it's because of the work. And I know for sure that I'm fun and so I can make anything fun.

And when you shift your perspective because I believe that hard work is fun, so that's why success has become so fun for me because it's just - to me, it's like a puzzle. It's like how can we figure this out in a way that gets me the result I want as fast as possible? To me, that's super fun.

Jody: One of the things though that I just want to mention to people, again, thinking back to my days at corporate. So I did some telemarketing jobs where you had to make 150 phone calls a day to people that don't even want to talk to you and all of that, and we go to where - I'm a pretty fun person too. When I worked with some fun people, and we would make a game out of it like how many times can you say the word bar mitzvah in your conversation and see who can win.

So there's that fun of like, making a tedious task fun, which I think is great, but what I love about what you do is it's not just like, let's make the menial task fun. It's like the whole intention of what we're trying to do. Whatever product we're selling or whatever - the main goal, the intention of the goal, what if that were fun? And I notice that especially as I coach people in their business goals and you bring up the idea of it's like a puzzle, I was just coaching a woman the other day. I think it was in Scholars actually.

She had so much pressure on herself like, what she makes it mean if she doesn't accomplish it, what she'll make it mean if she does, and that takes all the fun out of it. And I was like, what if it really is just like a puzzle? When you sit down to do a puzzle, you're not like oh no, that piece didn't fit. I'm never going to do this.

Brooke: Some of us do, Jody. This puzzle is broken

Jody: But if it really is just for fun because your life already is amazing, you already are valuable, everything - nothing has gone wrong, this doesn't make it any better, when it really is like a puzzle, it's not so emotional. Your reasoning behind it has to be lighter, it has to be fun, I think.

Brooke: Yeah, and I love that you said that it's so heavy because I feel that way when I meet with people and we talk business. It's very serious. Listen, I take my business very lightly and I take money very lightly and very seriously. So I think it's serious in the sense that it's seriously fun and it makes people crazy because they're like no, this is super important and this is my livelihood and this is for my family.

And there's so much of a grip on it that they don't even realize that they’re completely repelling all the success that they want with all the resistance. And it's hard to help people understand that no, the more fun you have with it, the lighter that you take it, the better you're going to be at it.

Jody: That's right.

Brooke: So I think that the mistakes - so I had written down what are some of the mistakes that people make when they approach their businesses is they think in order to work hard, they have to be miserable. In order to take it seriously, it means they can't have any fun. And so I think we have to find a way to no, those things go together. We're very serious about this and this is our livelihood, but isn't it amazingly fun to be able to do it in this way? And that's a paradigm shift for people for sure.

Jody: Yeah, so we got a boat this year. It has this function like a cruise control function where you can set it to say don't go above 20 miles an hour or whatever. So if you're taking somebody on a surfboard or whatever, you just gun it and it only is going to go to 20. And I was thinking about this with this whole idea of the emotion driving you.

It feels like if I'm worried and stressful and I make this heavy, then I'm going to be motivated to work harder because I understand how much it matters, but it's almost like you've just set the boat at 15 miles an hour and you have the throttle all the way down, you're not going to go above 15 because you just can't access the energy, the creativity, the problem-solving, the resources that are available to you from that place.

And to turn the cruise up to 45 or whatever, you have to lighten it up you have to enjoy it. You have to be living from these lighter, more empowering, more confident emotions. You don't even have to push the throttle all the way down and you're going to go faster.

Brooke: So true. It's so true, but here's - I'm listening to all of my listeners in their brains. I know what their brain is saying. So I think people confuse pleasure with fun, and so I think we should talk about the difference there because I think people are like - what's that?

Jody: Ease.

Brooke: And ease, yeah. So they're like okay, I'm ready to go to work, I need to make sure this is fun. Well, writing this blog post is not fun so I will go watch Netflix, which is fun. Or I will go eat candy, which is fun and that will somehow make this more fun. And I think that's a really important question to ask yourself. What is pleasure? What is immediate pleasure that I get from my life? Because I think we think that is fun, versus what is the fun of success and creating success for ourselves?

Because people think that delaying gratification can't be fun. It's just going to be suffering, it's just going to be misery, but I have learned, and I was thinking about this for myself, I'm like, why is my goal, my impossible goal right now, why am I delighting in it so much? Because I have zero evidence that it's going to happen. I'm not making 100 million dollars yet.

I could sit around and be like, what the hell? Where's my money? But I'm not. I'm like, delighting in the amazingness that that is and that that will be and it's super fun, and I'm working super hard and I'm writing a book and creating all this content and managing my team, and why is it that that is so much fun for me and I don't feel like I need to escape that into some pleasure?

And it's almost like when you believe in something, when you know that you can create something, it's the most fun in the process of creating it, it's even more fun than actually having created it for me. And that's the thing I want to teach because I think people understand that intellectually but I think it's really difficult for them in application because they're like okay, I'm writing this blog post and I want to make $100,000 a year but nothing about it feels fun. It just feels like failure. What are your thoughts on that?

Jody: Yes, I agree with that. It goes back to even you think about hobbies that people have. My dad was just talking to me about how he used to buy -at one point onto this - it was like a miniature model of a real V8 engine for a car, and it was just fun to try to put it together. Like, I used to sew. Same thing. I enjoyed the process of whatever I was making even more so than once it was done.

But again, I don't know if this is the reason. The only thing I can see in myself and in people I coach on this is that I've never had this huge, heavy attachment to whether or not that models turns out or this sewing project turns out. It was like, it really is just for fun. And it will be cool if it turns out well, and if it doesn't then I'll be like okay, now I know, I just learned some more about sewing and I'll go try something else.

And again, I feel like you've really taught me that none of this matters and that's why you can go all in on it. That's why it can be so fun. And that's why the parts of it that aren't fun, to your point, I do think it's important to acknowledge to people that not all of it is fun. There are some things I do in my business that I don't really enjoy, but I'm willing to do them to get to the fun parts.

Like in order to coach clients, I have to write email copy, which is not my favorite but I'll do it because that's the way. And so not that the entire process has to be fun but that if it really is just for fun, then it just lightens up all the things that don't work. All the mistakes, all the failures. I don't know.

Brooke: And this is the thing that I want you all to try because I wanted to think of something really applicable for this, and whatever your aim is is what you can put success. So maybe it's weight loss or quitting drinking or making money or whatever. But I think it's really important to know that there's a tradeoff. And so for me, I insist that I enjoy it and have fun doing it or I don't do it.

That is the tradeoff for me because I think when you get confused and you think the fun or the success or the happiness will come at the end point, I think that's when we see all of these warning stories of people like, burning themselves out and working their whole lives and realizing the ladder was on the wrong building or whatever. It's kind of that idea.

And I think that that is a huge danger. When you think that the fun happens after the hard work, you'll end up working and never having fun. So insisting that the hard work is fun and not working unless it is. So the question becomes how do you make the hard work fun? What would you say?

Jody: Well, I think there are things, especially in certain goals in my life, like in weight loss for example. It's a lot harder for me to have fun doing that than it is in my business and I have to sometimes take a step back from it and think of it like an experiment. I think first of all, I'm not having fun when I'm in a rush to get to the result. That's always a first sign to me. As soon as I'm growing impatient with it that it's not happening fast enough, then it means that I'm believing that end result is going to be the thing that will provide the feeling.

So I'm always like, wait a second. And so if it's going to be fun and there's no rush, I have to think of it like a science experiment. Like okay, we're going to see what happens if I do this, we're going to see what happens if I do that. And when the scale goes up or the scale goes down or I feel good or I feel terrible, all of that's a part of the experiment and I don't know that I've mastered it. For me, it's always just slowing down and this is just a science experiment.

Brooke: Well, and it's so interesting that you bring up the weight loss one for you because it's so easy for you to do it with business because you believe in it so hard. And then you really struggle with the weight loss like, can this be easy for the rest of my life? You struggle with believing that and so that's what makes it a struggle. When you believe that something is true, you get to enjoy it ahead of time. The journey is so fun.

It's kind of like being on the plane to Hawaii. You're not like, this isn't Hawaii. Where's the beach? Where's my mai tai? What's this guy sitting next to me about? Why can't I move? This is so uncomfortable. All we're thinking about is no, this is the journey. And so we have fun on the plane to Hawaii. Listen, there's no reason we should have fun on that plane to Hawaii. Really think about it.

Jody: Traveling with little kids, it's not as fun, I'm just saying. On that plane to Hawaii.

Brooke: But it's like you can enjoy it because you know that that's the process of - I mean, that is the anticipation in all of it, of being there. And if you said you know, it's almost like can you imagine saying like, listen, if we're not going to have fun through the whole vacation, if we're only going to have fun when we're in this specific spot in the water, what's the whole point of it? And so that's why I insist on it.

And one of our values that our company is fun and so when we have a team meeting and someone's like, sour faced, I'm like, this is not okay. Genuinely, it's not okay. Stop it. We don't want to see your face when you're not having fun. So what if you required it of yourself? It just - the tradeoff is you can't indulge in misery and you can't do the escape thing. You have to require more of yourself I think to show up in a way that's fun and not expect the thing to be fun because it's like, I know you've spoken publicly.

It's like, so funny to me to look in the audience and see the one person who's choosing not to have any fun. They have their arms crossed, they're like no, and everyone else is having a blast and you can just see that it's just like, whatever is going on in their mind is totally preventing them from experiencing the fun that is always available to us.

So I think the other thing that totally prevents us from having fun is just all the thoughts that we have that create doubt and create frustration and create insecurity that we allow to overtake our brains instead of all the thoughts that could create fun. And one of the most important thoughts that we can think, I think is this is going to be fun, or this is fun, or I am having fun. People don't realize that that simple of a thought can generate that.

Jody: That's right. I see that with my kids too. I'll take all four of them out to the movies and one person is so grumpy that they don't want to be there and like...

Brooke: This is fun. Don't you know? This is fun.

Jody: I mean, you take kids on vacation and at least half the time someone is not having fun. And I have to do my own work to be like, I get to have fun if I want and they're not going to want to all the time and that's okay. I think too, one of the things - because I was listening to your podcast with Deb Butler and Bev Aaron who both are making such great money and I was able to make money a little bit faster but again, coming back to the weight loss thing, it's so easy to want to compare yourself to other people.

And I think that detracts from the fun too, to think it's not working, it should - I'm trying not to be in a hurry but it should go faster than this, look at this person and this person and how much weight they lost and how long it took them, or how much money they made or whatever. And so I really love just listening to them talk about their journey that it took them some time to get their heads in the right space and to figure that out, and that's okay. It doesn't make anyone's journey any better.

But I was trying to think about that for myself with my weight. I am still in it. I'm still in the thick of figuring this out and maybe it's going to take me 10 years. Who cares? Let's slow down and enjoy that process.

Brooke: Not even that. What if you said to yourself like, listen, you are not allowed to try and lose weight unless it's fun. The minute you stop having fun, you have to stop doing it. You have to insist. Because I was coaching someone yesterday, she just wants a mate. She just wants a partner. It's so easy for us that have partners on the other side of that to see how obvious it is that suffering up to the point until you find them has no upside.

You're not going to find them right up until the point to where you find them. And what she kept saying was this isn't working, this isn't working, this isn't working. And I tried to give her the example of can you imagine - now I know that I've met Chris and I'm married to him, but all the other relationships, all the other journeys to that, if I use those as reasons as to why I wouldn’t find Chris, it's the exact opposite. That was the journey to him.

So we tell ourselves this isn’t working, this isn't working, this isn't working when actually, if we just keep going, this is what is working to get us to the place where we need to be. So you might as well enjoy it. As long as you keep going - she just looked so miserable, you know. I've been on these dates, I don't like these guys. I'm like, find something to like about them. You're going to go on a date, you might as well crack some jokes and try to enjoy it.

And it's the same with everyone with money. They're like, well, this is very serious, I need to make some money. I'm like, why would money want to come hang out with you? You are not fun. Money and - that's what I told her too. I'm like, you know, this serious sour face, not attractive.

Jody: That's right. I heard that coaching. It was so good. I like to think of it almost like this is just for my own - to get my head in the right space is I picture like, there's a room over there where that lives. The money or the relationship or the weight goal or whatever it is lives in that room and what is that room like? It's fun. It's inspiring, and it's kind and compassionate and positive and all those things that we think it will be, which of course it's still 50/50.

But whatever that is, I'm like, but I'm over here in this room of misery and suffering and doubt. And like, I've got to get to that room. I don't know, emotionally, I have to get my head in that space. That's what I'm able to do in my business so well is to live in that room, and then the business just catches up.

Brooke: And so that's what a great indicator, you guys, people will say to me, how can it be fun even though half of it is negative? You have to learn how to have fun with that part of it, with the fear, with the discomfort, with the challenge, with the overcoming. When you can make that part fun, when you can make it so yes, this is all part of it, and one of the best ways that I know to make stuff fun is to always say yes to it. Whatever it is.

Like oh, they just took my podcast off of iTunes - that just happened to one of our colleagues. If she can just say yes, this is part of it, how can I enjoy this? It's so counterintuitive but you can always look in hindsight how you could have enjoyed that thing more. For those of you who've lost a lot of weight, you're like, I really could have enjoyed that process more. I didn't have to suffer. Or earning the money or finding the mate or whatever, so much of the suffering is so unnecessary.

Jody: Yeah. Well in hindsight, things even become funny. So sometimes I like to in the middle of something be like, but one day we're going to look back at this and it's going to be funny. Find what's funny about it or kind of amusing.

Brooke: Yeah. And we just had our double diamond retreat and I was just so frustrated with Hertz rental car. Like, they just gave us the wrong code for our cars so we arrived to get our cars and they were closed, and so we were just supposed to put the code in and then we'd get the keys, but the codes didn't work. And there were all the teenagers and the dogs and the golf clubs and the - everything.

In this moment I'm like, this is life and we can make this miserable or we can make this fun. Those are the options that we have. And so for some of you are very serious and very upset and very mad and you think that you have to grimace in order to get to where you want to go, and I totally understand that and I think that's better than the alternative of just indulging in pleasure.

So I think there's indulging in pleasure, then there's the grimace, then there's wait, what if I didn't allow myself to do this unless it was fun? And it always has to be fun. So I think too, a lot of times when I'm talking about my millionaire mastermind mentoring group, we get excited with our goals. So we're like, I want to make another million dollars or I want to - let me see what I'm capable of. And I watch people forget to have fun and their faces get all twisted and they start sweating and they start - and I think, what are we doing this for?

What is the point of making millions and millions of dollars if we can't enjoy it? And so that's why I'll always ask right in the middle of a very serious how-to discussion like, are you having fun? Because you don't look like it. And adjusting the goal or adjusting your attitude or adjusting all of it, and we insist that we have fun. My only - as I say it out loud, I worry that people will give up on their goals.

Jody: Yeah, I was going to say, I feel like there's a difference between adjusting your goal because it's hard or because you haven't shown up for it in some way versus you are showing up for it and it's just not moving along in the timeline we thought it would and what we thought was going to work hasn't worked, and then you make an adjustment. You've got to be careful, I think, about your reason but yeah, that's the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur.

Most of the goals that we're setting is like - again, I came from corporate where it was like, no excuses, this is what we need to get done, and at the same time I think if I had known then what I know now, obviously I would have had so much more ability to impact that situation, but it just felt like we have to be so serious about this and we have to be stressed. Like if you're not stressed, then you don't take it seriously enough.

Brooke: Oh right. And you should tell me that you're busy all the time.

Jody: Yeah. And then maybe it’s okay. If you're really crying, okay well, right.

Brooke: At least you want it that bad.

Jody: Yes.

Brooke: Oh, that's so interesting.

Jody: But really again, that's not the room where my goals hang out. My goals don't hang out in the place where we're crying and stressed and burned out and we have no work-life balance. You're never going to arrive at that point. And so the destination is the way, isn't that what they say?

Brooke: Yeah.

Jody: You have to be able to just lighten up and enjoy it and again, just coming in and working for you from corporate all those years when you were like, well, if it's not fun we're not doing it, I was like, hold on, are we allowed to say that? Because I'm all in. You know me. I like to have fun. It's just - it's so much better.

Brooke: And honestly, it's not even that it's so much better. It's almost like I don't see the alternative. I don't...

Jody: It's the only way.

Brooke: There's no - especially because of the amount of success I want to create, if I have to do it from a place that isn't fun or from a place that's stressed, it just doesn't feel right to me at all. It doesn't feel like I can do it. So here's what I want you guys to think about. I want this to be super applicable. When you think about your goal - this is huge. We just talked about this a little bit on our double diamond retreat too.

When you think about your goal, you can't just think will it be fun to get it or will the process be fun to get there. So if you ask yourself that question and you say it'll only be fun to get it, it'll only be fun to get the money or get the fame or get the success, the journey there I don't think will be fun, you're doing it wrong.

Jody: That's right. And good chance you're never going to arrive there.

Brooke: You're never going to arrive there. So I think - and some of you aren't really listening to this, but this is everything. You can't have a place that you're going to get to that's going to be more fun than the journey there. I promise you that. Because you have to live the place where you're going to arrive in order to get the place that you're going to arrive. You have to be that now.

So if you don't find a way for it to be fun now, what happens is you'll quit before you get there. And I've watched this happen so many times. Now, on the other hand, if you're having so much fun in the process and even though you're not getting there, you're still having fun, I want you to think. That's the alternative, right? Then it doesn't even matter because you're having so much fun doing the thing.

You're not so worried about well, it's not here yet, it's not here yet, it's not here yet. You're like, who cares that it's not here yet? Who cares that I haven't made 100 million dollars yet? I'm on a podcast with Jody Moore right now. That's so much fun. And the next thing I do tomorrow that will contribute towards that 100 million will be so much fun too. And when I get there, that will be fun, but it won't be - this is what people don't believe. It won't be any more fun than today.

Jody: That's right.

Brooke: And that, you can't delay the fun, my friends.

Jody: If we think about it in terms of the Model, this is what I think most people in the world think and we're taught is that it goes action, result, feeling. Take action, get the result, and then we'll feel this way. What we know is that the feeling has to get moved up in front. Feeling, action, result. You have to feel that way first, then go take action. You're much more likely to get that result and you already feel good.

Brooke: Yeah. So I think people are like, well, how do you have fun when you're not having fun? I can hear that that's the question and what I want to tell you is that you create fun and you insist on it being fun for you. The world doesn't provide you with fun. Parties don't provide you with fun. Situations don't provide you with fun. Money doesn't provide you with fun.

You provide you with fun and then from that energy, you can create it. So I want you to be willing to consider this idea that it has to be fun or forget it, and the caveat to that is you're responsible to make it fun. Because otherwise people are like, well, that's not fun, I'm not going to do it, versus I'm going to make it fun.

Jody: Can I give one other small example?

Brooke: Totally.

Jody: When I used to live in Southern California and there was this class I would go to at the gym, and it was a 24-hour fitness but it was just an old building, kind of run down. Not a super nice facility or anything. But the guy that taught this class was - he was so fun. He would show up to class wearing whatever craziness and sometimes we had glow sticks on our fingers and he turned the lights out and the music was loud and he was just so energetic.

I remember watching him come in the gym and I was like, here comes the gun. And everybody would line up outside his class, and I was just thinking, he so easily could have been like, the sound system here isn't good and the lights aren't very good. There's just so many reasons to think I can't teach a great class here, but he always brought the fun.

And I always think about that like, anywhere he goes, doesn't matter where he lives, he's going to bring that to it, and that's our opportunity and figure out our own version of that of course. And fun is also a subjective word. It will look different for all of us but you bring it and when you figure that you, then where you live, what your goal is, what your kids are doing, none of that matters in the end.

Brooke: Yeah, none of that's an excuse. I'll finish with this one example because nobody will think this is fun. So I do not like going to the dentist because...

Jody: Who likes going to the dentist?

Brooke: I do not like going to the dentist and I have all these gum issues, like pocket things and they poke me in my gums and my gums bleed and it's like, terrible. And so I was like, seriously mad at my dentist before I'd even go to the dentist. I was like, they're going to x-ray me and poke me and hurt me and I hated the dentist. And I blamed the dentist because the dentist isn't fun. So I switched dentists because clearly, I'd get a new dentist that was fantastically fun. I don't know what I was thinking.

Jody: That didn't work?

Brooke: So I go to the new dentist and the new dentist is like, your teeth are bad. Your gums, you have problems. And I sat in there - it was so interesting. I sat in there with the dentist and I was like okay, how do you make the dentist fun? How do you make going to the dentist fun? I'm like, for sure it's not making your gums bleed, so I was like, I am going to be the best patient in the world. I swear to god, I had this moment. I'm like, how do you be the best dental patient in the world?

So she sent me away, she's like, you have all sorts of issues. I'm like, what do I do to make my teeth the best teeth in the world? And she's like, here's this wash and here's this floss and you do it twice a day and here's this water pick thing. All the things. I went home and I got a little calendar and I had to go back in three months because my teeth were such a mess.

So I'm like okay, so I had put this little calendar, I'm like I am going to floss my teeth twice a day and I'm going to brush my teeth - because I would sometimes floss at night but sometimes not. Come on, I wasn't really good. And what I realized is like, this is what I'm going to do and I'm going to cross it off and I'm going to get all the fun equipment and I'm going to do all the fun - I did all the things.

So I did not miss a day. And I went back into that dentist and it was a different lady, which I was so pissed because I was like, where's my lady to be so proud of all of my accomplishments? And she was like, oh my gosh your teeth are beautiful and clean and lovely. And she poked me and I didn't bleed and it didn't hurt and whatever. I cannot even tell you, I came home from the dentist like, Chris, I went to the dentist and it didn't even hurt and it was so great and they said I did such a good job and I didn't have any plaque.

He was like, okay, really? The dentist? I'm like, the dentist is awesome. Not even kidding you, she was like, you know you don't have to come back now every three months. I'm like, oh no, I'm coming back. I thought about this and I was like, that is so fascinating because in that situation for me, it was discipline. It was me just showing up and just doing - because it's not like I didn't brush my teeth. It's not like I didn't care for myself. I just was kind of haphazard about it and kind of like - and so I think that's what so many people do with the Model and with their businesses. They just kind of do it. Kind of doing anything is not fun. But when you aspire to impress your dentist, and you do, oh my god, I cannot even tell you. I was like...

Jody: You should get a gold star or something.

Brooke: I'm like, where's my lollipop? And so I was thinking about that. I was like, oh my gosh, there are so many things in my life where discipline makes it fun, and people don't think about it. It's so fun for me to shop for clothes and to get dressed because I'm so disciplined with the way I take care of my body and eat.

And I love waking up on Sunday morning or Saturday morning or Friday night in the middle of the night, never being hungover because of that. And so I think that's the other piece is that fun isn't getting drunk on a Friday night to me. Fun is getting up on a Saturday morning and creating the life exactly the way that I want to create it. And going to the dentist and having perfect teeth.

Jody: That's right. Commitment creates fun

Brooke: It really does. And it's not even like - for me it was just the anticipation too. Crossing off all those things and taking care of myself and just really seeing like, oh my gosh, this is such a little thing in my life but this is - I do it so well in bigger ways that there's always that little way. And so I - for you guys, whatever it is on your calendar, when you can look at your year and be like, I honored myself and I did what I said I was going to do, that is what becomes fun. And ultimately, yes, you get the money and you get the healthy teeth and you get the skinny body or whatever, and that is fun but the process is so fun too. So insist on...

Jody: Self-respect. I just respect myself more today because I did what I said I was going to do. That's fun.

Brooke: Yeah, and I think that's the thing too is accomplishment and discipline and consciousness can end up being super fun instead of recklessness of being fun. So this is the deal. Success in any area of your life has to be fun. You have to find a way to make the process fun and not just the result. That is our true message to you today. Is there anything else you want to say?

Jody: I'm just all in on all of it. I have a little necklace one of my clients sent me that says this is going to be fun.

Brooke: Because you always say that.
Jody: Yes.

Brooke: That's so good. So I'm doing - by the way, I haven't given an update for a while on the building. People are like, are you still doing the building? People whisper behind my back, did she run out of money? What's happening with the building? The building is happening.

Jody: We haven't heard about it for a while.

Brooke: The building is happening and we are decorating it, designing it, and they are breaking ground on it and it's going to be done by the end of the year supposedly, we'll see. But anyway, so in the building, I want to do posters of the master coaches. I want to put posters of them in there and I want everyone to have their quote and that's what Jody said hers was going to be. It's going to be fun. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Jody: My three-year-old pooping her underwear still. This is going to be fun.

Brooke: You can make anything fun, my friends.

Jody: You can.

Brooke: Okay, Jody so you're so amazing and you have an amazing membership and people might want to work with you. Tell them how to find out more about you and your amazingness.

Jody: Well, I have a podcast first of all, since you're a podcast person if you're listening to this. It's called Better Than Happy, and then you can come to my - I do a call every month called Ask Jody Anything. You can come ask me any question and on that call you'll learn all about my membership and how to work with me further if you'd like.

Brooke: And she knows everything about me too, so go on that call and ask questions about me.

Jody: That's right. I know a lot about Brooke Castillo.

Brooke: All the secrets.

Jody: That call you sign up for it at

Brooke: And then what's your membership?

Jody: It's a coaching program, so we focus on a different topic every month and we do coaching calls and all the thought work.

Brooke: Jody does the Model in there too and they talk about all the live things.

Jody: Yeah. We deep dive on all the topics, similar topics that you hear here on The Life Coach School. Again, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I would say about 80% of the people in my program are members of the church. So you don't have to be, but that's going to come up. We talk about some Christian-based values and things that come up in our coaching. Certainly not a requirement, but if you don't like that, you're not going to want to come into my membership.

Brooke: I don't know, I think you can not like - well yeah, that's true. If you don't like it. I don't think it's so overt. It's not like everybody has to believe the same thing.

Jody: Oh no, not at all. We have plenty of people that don't, but you're going to hear a little bit about god on there.

Brooke: We love god. It's all good. Alright Jody, thank you for coming on. Talk to you guys soon.

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