Why don’t you want to get rich?

Do you even have a valid reason?

Some people might think that getting rich is bad or immoral. I disagree.

Getting rich means you created a ton of value in the world and got paid for it. It means you have so much love to give and you made enough money to love others on a massive scale.

Being rich means you can help people. A lot.

In this episode, I share why you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to get rich. There are so many benefits to making lots of money and it doesn’t make you a bad person. Find out why getting rich is frowned upon by some, possible for all, and where to start if you want to make more money.

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What you will discover

  • Why people think being wealthy is bad.
  • Why creating wealth in your life is your responsibility.
  • When you are most obsessed with money.
  • How the value you create gets compounded.

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Episode Transcript

You are listening to The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo, episode 445.

Welcome to The Life Coach School Podcast, where it’s all about real clients, real problems and real coaching. And now your host, Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo.

Hello my friends. Welcome to the podcast. This podcast is being videoed and audioed. So those of you who are listening on Apple or iTunes, you’re just getting the audio version. But if you’re on YouTube, you are getting the video version. So you are welcome.

I’m here in my home in Scottsdale and I am loving it here. The weather here is gorgeous, it is perfect temperature, I’ve been hiking every day, I just redecorated my house, it’s beautiful, my pool is heated, I’m right on the golf course. Heaven. I’m having a great time.

And I wanted to record this podcast for you because I have been having quite a journey over the past year speaking at a lot of events that have asked me to come and speak at the events because of how much money I make. And it’s been a very interesting experience because I’ve been talking to a lot of new audiences.

I normally am talking about mind management and emotional management and life coaching. And I feel like a lot of the speaking that I’ve done this year has been on making money and getting rich. And some of the feedback that I’ve been getting and some of the communication that I’ve been getting from the people in the audience has really got me motivated to teach a brand new masterclass.

And so I decided to create this class. I call it How to Use Your Beautiful Mind to Get Rich. And I love to say get rich, and I love to talk about money, and I love to say I love money because I love the way it jars everyone out of their comfort zone. Like, who is this woman and why is she always talking about money? And, “Brooke, not everything has to do with money.”

It’s the craziest thing that people say to me. “Not everything has to do with money.” I’m like, “No shit, of course not everything has to do with money. But some things have to do with money and I want to talk about them.”

I had a conversation with a woman and I’ve said this on the podcast before but I think it’s worth repeating here. I had a conversation with a woman that I was coaching who was in a job that she hated and was talking about how much she hated her job but she stayed there for the money.

And I said, “Who’s doing more for money? Me or you? You’re doing something against your own will, something that you don’t even want to be doing for money. I would never do that. I wouldn’t literally do that. I have to find a way for me to enjoy what I’m doing in order to get paid for it.”

And so just because I talk about large amounts of money, people think that I’m obsessed with money. But when people talk about small amounts of money and not having money, I think those are the people who are much more obsessed with it because it is a requirement for us to live at the level we want to live in our lives. We need money to be able to live and survive.

And whether we get that money from money that we earn or get it from someone else or get it through a charity, or however we get our money, we do need money and we are required to have money to live. So it’s not money that people don’t want me talking about. It’s the way I talk about money.

And the way that I talk about money and the way that I will always talk about money and the way that I will get criticized for talking about money is you should get rich. Why not? Why not? Why not get rich? Is there a reason, a valid reason that you can give me against earning enough money to get rich?

I haven’t heard one yet. Because even if you believe in error that somehow you making money takes money away from somebody else, you could just give it to that person if you really believe that. I don’t want to make more money because then it takes it away from someone else. Okay, well then go give it to someone else that needs it more than you if that’s what’s important.

Keeping the money, having the money isn’t as important as going through the process of becoming a person who believes that they can create as much wealth as they want. And here’s what I want to explain. Creating wealth in your life, creating a level of wealth that allows you to have the freedom to do what you want, genuinely want in your life, I think is a responsibility.

Stay with me. Here’s why. I think what you genuinely want to create in your life is your destiny. And in order to make money, you have to create value. In order to earn money, you have to create value in the world. I want you to really think about that. Think about that concept really clearly.

In order to create money, you have to create value. So the more money you make, the more value you have made in the world. So if you look at someone who is making a million dollars, they have created a million dollars’ worth of value to someone in the world. Someone making 10 million, someone making 100 million dollars has created 100 million dollars’ worth of value in the world.

Now, I think about this for myself all the time. If I didn’t have the goal of making 100 million dollars, I would not be providing 100 million dollars’ worth of value into the world. And what might that be like had I not had this goal?

So I was just talking to a colleague about this and we were talking about - she’s one of my students. And because I set my goals to make more money, I have reached more people. And one of the people that I reached was her. And I trained her to be a coach and she went on and became a coach - her name is Sunny Smith. She went on to become a coach for physicians.

And because I set out to build a business and make money, I provided value to her, and then she went out and provided value to thousands of physicians. She coaches thousands of physicians and helps thousands of physicians. And then those physicians in turn take the knowledge, the life coaching knowledge that she gives them and she imparts them in her own life, which affects their relationships with their families, with their coworkers, but also their patients.

And then those patients take what they learned from their physicians and on and on and on the ripple effect goes. Now, had I been more content to just make, say, $300,000 a year, I wouldn’t have had that tremendous amount of value impact in the world. It’s a true story.

But not only that; think about the value that I create for the people that work for me. Literal monetary value for their lives. I provide them with jobs and full benefits and six weeks of vacation. I pay above the standard rate for them. And then they, because I have big goals, I need to hire lots of people and so then they get paid, and then they can take their money that they get paid from my corporation and offer value in their own lives by paying their own bills and taking care of their families and buying things from other people.

But it doesn’t end there. Because I have these huge goals and I make all this money, I have all this money to give to charity. So I give a million dollars a year to charities. Had I not had this big goal, I would not be doing that. I would not be making the contribution that I make. I would not be making the financial contributions to charities who need the money to be able to function.

Had I sat back and said, “No, I don’t want to make money, it’ll take away from other people,” I would have missed the opportunity to compound my value and therefore compound the influence of money in the world.

When I look at my own evolution as a person because I have these big goals and because I question what is my capacity in life, and I’m pushing those boundaries with myself and I’m asking more of myself and I’m questioning what’s possible for myself, I’m questioning what’s possible for women in the world, because I have that goal, I have set an example for other women, for young girls, for other people following in my footsteps.

That is very valuable. It’s a very valuable insight. It’s a very valuable direction for people to be considering that I would not have created if I didn’t have that bigger goal for myself. So I actually am wondering if you would agree with me that maybe it is our responsibility to create value in the world.

And when we create value, we are paid in value. And then the value that we’re paid in then becomes more valuable. Think about that. If I sell you something and you buy something from me, I take that money and I reinvest it into my company, where a portion of it goes to charity, and a portion of it goes to my employees, and a portion of it goes to advertising for me to create more offerings, and a portion of it goes to me for me to be able to literally create a life where I have the time to come up with new, more valuable ideas.

And that is how it’s working. And so when someone comes to me and they say, “I don’t want to get rich, I don’t care about making money,” I say, “Listen, it’s okay to think that. Just make sure you like your reason. What is your reason for saying that?” What is your reason for saying that you don’t want to create enough value for the world that you would get paid really well for that value? Do you want to keep all your value to yourself? Do you just not want to charge for your value?

Because here’s the thing, when people don’t pay for the thing that you’re offering of value, they don’t pay attention. So giving away your value for free is a beautiful thing and I do the exact same thing. My podcast that I record, that I’m giving to you right now is free, but I will tell you, the people that have determined and experienced the most value are the ones that have signed up for my most expensive programs.

They’re the ones that have the most transformations. They’re the ones that have the most incredible success stories because they’ve received the most value from what I have to offer. I can offer you some value in a podcast, I can offer you more value in my Get Coached program. But I can offer you even more value when you go through the transformation of getting certified.

And each one of those are increased in cost that you actually pay me so you will pay attention. I love the way my life is determined by how much value I create in the world. It determines how I feel, it determines what I do, it determines literally who I am. So by having a goal to get rich, I have expanded the capacity of who I am, literally.

And so I’m always encouraging everyone to at least consider getting rich. And if you don’t want to, you just better like your reason. But your reason is probably terrible. Your reason is probably because we have been socialized to believe that rich people are evil. If you look at all of the storytelling and all of the movies and all of the depictions of ultra-rich people, it is usually in a derogatory way.

It’s usually that they’ve taken advantage of other people. And when you really look at human ingenuity and how human ingenuity has created so much value and evolution for us in humankind and that those people are in turn rewarded with monetary value, you can see that this argument that being rich is somehow bad is completely false.

And it is one of my goals in life, truly, to encourage women to get wealthy. As wealthy as they possibly can by creating as much value as they possibly can for their own benefit. I’m not talking about ever creating value at your own expense. I’m talking about creating value for your own benefit, for the benefit of the people that you serve.

So when I look at my 100 million dollar goal that I have, I ask myself the question, “How shall I, how will I create 100 million dollars’ worth of value in one year?” Notice how much better the question is. How will I create 100 million dollars’ worth of value in one year, versus how will I make 100 million dollars a year?

All I have to do is create the value, and then it will come. Then the money will come. That is how it’s always worked for me. And when I focus on the value and creating the value for the world, I get excited. I feel like I have something to offer. I feel like I can help and I can help in a much bigger way, which of course means I’ll get paid in a much bigger way, which means I’ll be able to help even more in a much bigger way.

I’ll be able to give more money to charity. I’ll be able to hire more people. I’ll be able to reach more people with my work. It’s a compounding benevolent journey into extraordinary wealth and extraordinary value creation. It’s a beautiful thing, my friend. I have not met anyone who’s made an argument to the contrary that makes any sense to me.

So because I feel so strongly about this, I’ve taught courses on money before but I’ve never taught one from this angle and I’ve never taught one with such - I’m going to say candidness. I have reached the place now where people are genuinely - I’m buying a jet. People are genuinely pissed at me for being rich. And that’s okay.

No one seems to be pissed at me for creating the value. They’re just pissed that I’m getting paid for it, which I think is fascinating. It’s an exploration that I want to make. So I want to read you the sales copy that I wrote for this class and then I’m going to discuss it a little bit with you and I want to encourage any of who you haven’t joined Scholars and Get Coached that you come just at least for a couple months and take this class with me.

So here’s the copy. Use your beautiful mind to get rich. Do you want to be rich? It’s not as hard as you think. I can teach you. I can help you learn the process I used to get rich. This process didn’t just create wealth in my life. It created value and legacy in the world. It will help you change into a person who is more motivated and more determined.

It will help you understand the difference between having enough money and truly being rich. It’s not about private jets and expensive houses and designer clothes or awesome vacations. But it’s also not not about those things. Those things are very fun.

But it’s much more about learning that we don’t know what is possible for ourselves. We have limited paradigms that prevent us from expansion into our bank accounts and in our personal growth. So in this class, we’re going to deep dive into the following.

One, why everyone should try to get rich for their own personal growth. Two, how your creative mind is what produces money. Three, three practices to uncover and change your beliefs about money. Four, the highest leverage actions you need to be taking to create money. And five, how to live but not spend from your future. Number six, scaling through upper limit issues, imposter syndrome, other people’s opinions, and sabotage.

This six-part course is brand new. I’ve never taught it at this deep level, and it applies to becoming financially rich. I will be teaching these concepts for half of the hour and the second half I will be live coaching you on anything holding you back from your own financial abundance.

If you’re already getting coached in our Self-Coaching Scholars Get Coached program, you get this masterclass as part of your membership. If you’re not getting coached in our Scholars Get Coached program, you can sign up at TheLifeCoachSchool.com/join to get enrolled for this class starting in November.

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So I just want to touch on a couple of these topics and how important they are for us to discuss and to question, and for you to be thinking about in your own life. I want you to think about what we’ve been taught about money.

So when I say something like your mind creates the value that makes you rich, your ingenuity, your creativity is what creates money, that’s very hard for most of us to wrap our mind around because what we’ve been taught as we’ve been raised in these regular school systems, especially in America is that you will get paid and rewarded for doing what you’re told, for being realistic, for using the past to determine what’s possible in your future, and for trading your time for money.

And we’re taught that money doesn’t matter, money’s not important, don’t focus on how much money you want to make per year. Focus on what you love to do. Well here, I think that is the biggest crock of BS ever. Because when you have money, you have so much more freedom to do what you would love to do.

And listen, no matter what job you get, no matter what career you choose, no matter what business you decide to have, your life is still going to be 50:50. So telling us that we should do what we life insinuates that we’re going to be able to love what we do all day long no matter what and so the money shouldn’t matter.

Listen, I love what I do. I love my job and I love how much money I make half the time. And so do you. That’s how it works. So when we tell ourselves that somehow picking a job, even if it doesn’t pay well, just because it has meaning for us or just because we’ll enjoy it will somehow save us from the evils of wanting to make more money is ridiculous.

When I coach clients who tell me, “I really want to help low-income families, I really want to help people that don’t have money, I really want to do social work, I really want to help people that can’t afford coaching,” and I say, “Beautiful, get rich first. Take care of your financial life first. Then go help the people from a place of abundance, from a place of financial security. Don’t become one of them in order to try to help them. That makes zero sense. Just do it in order.”

Getting rich is not that hard. Once you’re rich, you can choose to do whatever you want. So why aren’t we taught this? Why aren’t we taught that we should spend the early years of our lives learning how to be wealthy? That should be our number one focus. And when we learn how to be wealthy be creating value in the world, then we can do whatever we want.

We can do what we love. We can spend our days doing whatever we want. When we teach doing it in the opposite order, we end up always struggling. And you know what we end up doing? Thinking about money all of the time. Talk about being obsessed with money; when you’re most obsessed with money is when you have none.

I think so much less about money now than I ever have because I have so much of it. I have so much freedom. I can do whatever I really want to do. It’s the most beautiful thing. I can buy what I want, I can go where I want, I can travel where I want, how I want, I don’t have to work if I don’t want.

People will say, “Well Brooke, you could get rich because,” insert reason here. You’re so smart, you’re so charismatic, you’re so fun, you’re so - you got in at the right time, you had the right mentors. Listen, I have so much privilege. I have so much opportunity. But so many of us do and we aren’t utilizing it because we don’t even think to consider that we should consider getting rich.

I believe all of you should deeply consider the possibility. Deeply consider the opportunity. How will you know how much money you could have had in your life? How much value you could have created for the world in exchange for money if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to dream about the possibility?

We’re taught that it’s somehow immoral to think about getting rich, that it’s somehow bad to think about getting rich. You know how many people thank me for wanting to be rich? Because I wanted to be rich, I created all these courses that have changed people’s lives. I’ve written all these books, I’ve created all this value in the world that has then changed their lives.

Think about this in your own life. Think about how much value you would have to create in order to make a million dollars. And this is a shout-out to every one of my students who has done just that. To those of you who have had the courage to go and get rich, I honor you. Because if you’re a life coach that was one of my students that is now making $100,000, $200,000, a million dollars, or 10 million dollars, you had the courage to go against the grain.

You had the courage to put your foot down and say, “Yeah, I’m going to get rich too.” And in doing so, you have changed hundreds of people’s lives. You have helped hundreds of people’s lives. Had you stayed in that job that you hated, you would not have done that. Thank you for the goal of getting rich because that’s what created the value.

And not only that, so many of you have gotten rich and gotten so many haters because you’re rich. Let them hate. You just keep loving. You keep loving your clients, you keep loving yourself, you keep loving your family, you keep loving your freedom that you have created with the money that you have created.

Listen to me. This is not a zero sum game. You need to know this. When you create more value for the world, the value is compounded. It’s not like if you create value, somebody else can’t. It’s not like if you create value, then someone else has less value. It’s the opposite.

You’ve created value for another human being. You’ve created value for the world. And that compounds the value. That’s why we keep expanding and evolving as a human race because people keep creating value. And we are rewarded for that value as it should be. There is no better setup in the world.

If I can create value for you and in turn receive value, I’m going to keep creating it. It’s a perfect design. I don’t want to just lay around all day because I want to create more value and I want to create more money. So I get up every single day and I show up on this podcast and I create value and I sell my courses and I sell my certification and I do live events because I want to make more money and more value.

So for those of you who are wondering in the back of your mind, “Huh, I wonder if this woman knows what she’s talking about, I wonder if I could be richer than I am, I wonder if I could create more wealth, I wonder if I could create enough wealth that I could hire people and give money to charity and help my family out and buy people things that I want to give them,” I’m telling you, it’s the best feeling in the world.

It’s the most helpful I’ve ever felt. I want you to think about this. My ability to be generous is extraordinary. My ability to be helpful is extraordinary. My ability to solve people I love’s problems is extraordinary. But only because I got rich. There are a lot of financial problems in the world that I can solve because I was willing to create enough value to get rich.

I want you to try me out on this. Come take this course. How to Use Your Beautiful Mind to Get Rich. I want you to consider the possibility that it might be the best thing you do. Not just a good thing to do. Not just not a bad thing to do, but one of the best things you can do in terms of finding out what you’re capable of, finding out how much money you can make, and then using that money because you’re the good person that you are, in a way that creates more good in the world.

Come on, y’all. TheLifeCoachSchool.com/join. Come to my masterclass. Let’s have some fun with how to get rich with your beautiful mind. I’ll talk to y’all next week. Take care. Bye everyone.

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