Coach Tools Certification

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Learn the tools of life coaching. These are the tools thousands of our students have used to stop procrastinating, heal relationships, start earning what they’re worth, feel better, and make a contribution to the world. In Coach Tools Certification we teach you how to master each tool so you can use them effectively on yourself and your clients.

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Learn to navigate growth, awareness, change, and communication in a whole new way and help others do the same

I have a brand new offering I couldn’t be more proud to share with you. I’m calling it Coach Tools Certification. Let me first tell you what it is and then I will explain why I’m offering it.

Coach Tools Certification is a training, taught exclusively by me, Brooke Castillo, in every tool I have created and used over the past 20 years in my school and in my own life.

The tools I will be teaching are the same tools that have helped my clients:

Stop overdrinking, stop hating their bodies, make more money, reduce anxiety, save relationships, build new businesses, heal conflicts with family, reduce overall stress, figure out their purpose, stop procrastinating, create more of a contribution, and so much more.

six-part training

Deep-dive Masterclasses

Course 1: The Model
Course 2: Relationships
Course 3: Buffering and Feelings
Course 4: Creating and Achieving Goals
Course 5: Managing Time
Course 6: Money, Contribution, and Value

The lessons are fast-paced and go very deep into what the tools are, how to use them on yourself, and how to use them to help other people. After each class, you will be able to deepen your knowledge with the curriculum book and then there will be a quiz to verify your understanding before we move on to the next class. I have designed this class to set you up for complete success.

So you might be asking

Why did you decide to create a new offering after only having one certification for the past
15 years?

The reason is simply that you have been asking for it.

We wanted to create an offering that is less intensive and less expensive, to make it more inclusive to anyone who wants these tools.

This certification does not include the practicums and smaller group work that we offer in our Coach Certification Program (CCP). We will still offer that certification if you decide you want that level of training, but this will be the prerequisite for it. This training is for those of you who just want to be certified in the tools so you are able to use them to help yourself or the people you most want to help.

If you decide later you want to get our full Coach Certification with the practicum and live feedback, you will be able to apply this training fee to your tuition. It truly is a win-win for you in whatever decision you make. 

Being Coach Tools Certified will give you the knowledge and confidence to use these tools in a way you know is accurate and well-intended. The training takes the guesswork out of using the tools properly and effectively. I will teach you how to make sure you get the most out of each tool, when to apply it, and how to make it most effective for you and the people you help.

This training is for you if…

You want to use these tools in your coaching practice, in your business, in your place of work, in your family, or in your personal life.

These tools literally change the trajectory of families, businesses, and relationships, as noted by thousands of our students.

We want to make them available to anyone who needs them.

What’s included?

The six-week course includes education and certification in all the main tools of life coaching we teach at the School. You will be ready to use these tools at a high level on yourself or on clients. We teach you the concepts, demonstrate them, and then ask you about them to make sure you have attained a deep knowledge of each and every one.

Curriculum Book

The first manual is a PDF study book of all the tools we teach at the school. You will use it as a supplement to the class but also as a reference book as you go forth and coach yourself and your clients. It is written in concise, easy language for quick understanding and easy application.


The second manual is a large digital book of all our worksheets that you will have permission to use on yourself and with any of your clients, employees, students, or associates. These worksheets are priceless in guiding you through each tool in a step-by-step process.

Coach Tools Certification

Once you are certified you will be ready to start using all of the Coach Tools with confidence and effectiveness. You will also receive a Coach Tools Certification logo that you can use on your website, business materials as well as a certificate of completion and certification.

Are you Ready?

Coach Tools Certification

It’s your time to thrive. The confidence and skills you’ll gain through Coach Tools Certification will profoundly improve every aspect of your life and the lives of those you want to help.

You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to learn LIVE from Brooke during this first ever Coach Tools Certification. You’ll experience live instruction and Q&A’s that won’t be available for future sessions. Enroll today and join Brooke for an unforgettable training.

Single Payment of $5,000

Coach Tools Certification is a stand alone certification. It is also a prerequisite for full Coach Certification Program. (The cost of Tools Certification will be applied to the tuition of the full program.)

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Brooke Castillo

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