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Ep #3: How to Set Goals

Our purpose on this planet is to become the best version of ourselves. On this week's episode we are going to talk about the importance of setting goals in our lives, and what it takes to turn those dreams into realities. I believe that goal setting is the most spiritual practice we can partake in, and really the most compassionate thing we can do for ourselves. Setting goals, believing in them, and ultimately achieving them allows us to remove the obstacles to understanding our greatness.

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What You will discover

  • Why chasing happiness from a place of lacking is never the solution.
  • We need to constantly be asking ourselves to bloom in a bigger way.
  • Why you have to allow yourself to dream from a place of abundance.
  • How to spend time wanting what you already have.
  • Why one of most powerful things you can do is to write your goals down.
  • It’s not about what you get from achieving a goal, but who you become.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to The Life Coach School podcast, where it’s all about real clients, real problems and real coaching. And now your host, Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo. Hi, everybody. Thanks for joining me today. I am super stoked here. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about goals and goal setting. I know that this topic seems to be one of those topics that is like eyes glazed over, I have already learned this before whenever it comes to anyone who’s had experience in the self-help industry, and working with any kind of self-help coaching or life coaching, there’s always some kind of goal setting. I’m frustrated by this because I feel like there is this glossing over of actually writing out goals in some of these deeper spiritual, mental type of approaches as if the striving and the wanting to grow and achieve things is somehow not aligned with what we’re doing as coaches, and I really want to turn that around. I think that goal setting is the most spiritual practice. I think it is the most compassionate, wonderful thing we can do for ourselves. Let me just speak to that for a minute because when I get pushed back from clients or from my students about goal setting, and they come to me and they’re like, “Hey. I’ve been working my whole life, I was a workaholic, I’m striving, striving, striving, always just pushing through my emotions and never really focusing on what I was feeling or connecting with myself or being in the present moment, I was always setting goals, and now I feel like I’ve finally found a way to be present in the moment, and I’m to accept that there is really no future and no past or just this present moment that I have. Now, you’re asking me to consider going into my future and thinking about goals. I feel like that takes me out to the present moment and pulls me into more of a unacceptance of where I am in that.” My answer to that is always listen. I am always wanting to teach people to stay connected to themselves. I always wanted my clients to feel their feelings. I’m always telling them that there is no old thoughts. There’s no thoughts that are from your past that you’re pulling into your present. This moment right now and being connected to it is the most important thing, but here’s my thought on this. I think we can and I think we should be in our present moment accept to this present moment and allow ourselves to dream and set goals from a place of abundance. What I mean by that is we are so often taught that what we want in our lives is because of something we’re lacking. If we don’t feel happy, then we should strive to get something to make ourselves happy. That my friends is the problem. That will never ever solve itself, and that’s why there’s always going to be this hamster wheel of chasing and chasing and chasing happiness. Now, if you’ve listened to the first couple of podcast, I have summarized the important concept that all of our feelings including happiness come from our mind, from our thoughts, so there is no happiness that we are going to find in our future that we don’t already have now. That is really important to remember. If happiness comes from our mind and from our thinking, then achieving something or gaining a future goal at some future moment is not going to increase our capacity for happiness, and that you must understand. The point of having goals is not so we can achieve them and be happier than we are today. The reason to have goals is because our purpose on this planet is to evolve … This is my opinion of course, into the best version of ourselves. The way to do that is to constantly be asking ourselves to bloom in a bigger way. I think goals are the best way for us to do that. Now, when you think about a goal or you think about a dream or something that you want to achieve, first, when you first think about it, it may seem something like something that is unachievable, something way beyond your current abilities. That process of dreaming and thinking about that in this present moment is what brings all of the stuff up that is preventing us from believing in a deeper way. This is not to say that we need to arrive there to become a better person. What it means is setting goals and believing in them enough to achieve them will bring up those obstacles, will bring up the things blocking us from our deeper greatness. We’re not going to be any better. We’re not going to be any greater, but we will have removed any obstacles that’s blocking us from knowing how great we are. Now, that is a very big difference. Let me tell you my process for setting goals and why I’d really like to do them. The first reason I already gave you was because it asks me to remove any blockages to me believing that there’s anything that I can achieve. The second thing I like about goals is goals really give your brain a direction. They create a deliberate focus for your brain. Now, in previous podcasts, I’ve talked about how the brain is like an unsupervised child. It will go on, thinking thoughts that may be very detrimental, that may be hurting us, that may be causing us to go in a direction we don’t want to go. Now, if we are focusing on a goal, focusing on something that we want, having our attention and our deliberate concentration on that tells the brain what to do. It provides it with structure and supervision. Now, having that goal in your life, that direction in your life is really just providing supervision and structure for your brain, so I highly recommend that you do that. I really think that you can predict where you’re going to be in your life by what you’re telling your brain to think about. Remember, your thoughts create your feelings which drive your actions, which ultimately give you your results. This is going to happen either way. You’re going to always be creating your results. Results don’t just happen to you, and goals are a way of deciding what you want those results to be instead of just doing it haphazard and letting your brain decide without any deliberate intent. I’m going to go through very briefly the goal process. The first thing that you need to think about is do you even dream? Do you even allow yourself to want? Do you think about the future? Do you plan on what you want to create? Many of my clients come to me and they have done nothing of the sort. They are so busy putting out fires in their life and reacting to everything that’s going on in their life that they don’t have a plan of what they want to create. They haven’t allowed themselves to dream. The reason why and I alluded to this earlier is most of us have only allowed ourselves to want from a place of scarcity, so every time we wanted something or dreamt about something, it’s because we feel the lack of it. We feel like we don’t have it. When we start dreaming about it, it actually causes us pain, because the dreaming is just reminding us that we don’t have it, and it’s reminding us of that feeling of negativity and scarcity and the lack that we’re having. People stop dreaming because they don’t want that contrast, they don’t want to think about what they want versus what they have. The first thing you really need to do is come from a place of abundance. Now, people will say, “Okay. That’s easy for you to say if you have an abundant life,” right? One of the best ways I know how to get to that place of wanting from abundance is to make a list of 25 things that you want. Now, typically, when I give this assignment to my clients, they will make a list of 25 things they want and not one thing on that list will be something that they already have, and so I’ll have them redo the list and I’ll say, “Okay. Every other thing you put on that list, have it be something that you really want but you already have it.” Most of us don’t spend time wanting what we have. We don’t think of wanting as from a place of abundance. We think of wanting as something that we don’t have. The first practice is to really start thinking about things that you want that you already have. For example, I really want to be married. I love being married, and I am, My husband’s name is Chris, and I’m married to him and I want him, and I want to be married, and I really want to have two children, and I do. I have Christian and Connor. Those are my babies. They are not really babies anymore. They are almost 13 and 14, but I think of them as my babies always, and I really want to have two healthy children that are happy, and I do. I really want to have a house that I’ve created and that is designed based on my aesthetic and crown molding everywhere and the color white everywhere. I do have that, and that’s what I want. I want to have a life where I have a lot of freedom to make my own decisions about what I do with my day, and what I do with my weeks, and what I do with my life. I do have that. I have that because I’m a life coach, and because that’s how I support myself, and my husband and I support our family. That’s the first thing. It’s different than just being grateful for those things. It’s a different kind of energy, and you really need to practice wanting what you already have. I like to trick the mind a little bit. The way that I like to do it is say, “I really want to be married, and I really want to have two children, and I really want to take my family to Australia.” Now, taking my family to Australia is something I haven’t done yet. It’s something I want that I don’t yet have. I smush it in there with the thing that I want that I already have. Then, on the other side of that, I could say, “I really want a white Mercedes with tan interior.” Now, that’s something that I wanted a long time, and now I have it. I’ve taken two things that I really want that I already have, and right in the middle, I’ve made a little sandwich. Right in the middle of there, I’ve put something that I really want that I don’t yet have. Go on and do this for 25, something that you want that you already have, something that you want that you don’t yet have, and then go back, so you see that you’re wanting but you’re wanting from a place of abundance. That’s really the first step. The next step is to really get specific. I like to talk about my goals in the first person and in the present tense, so I am going to Australia in 2016, and I am bringing my kids, and I am going to spend 10 days, and I am going to fly first class, and I am going to fly Virgin Air. Really get specific. The more specific you can get, the better. Talk about timeframes, talk about dates, talk about amounts … The more specific you can be, the better. Now, the only thing that you don’t include at this stage is the how, because your brain will want to block you. It will want to knock you down because it will start wanting to figure out, “How are you going to do that? How are you going to do this?” At this point, you don’t need to know the how, so don’t worry about the how at this point. You’re just going to think about the what and the when, and the amount. Now, allow yourself to stretch here. Maybe think a little bit bigger than you’re really ready to believe. It’s okay to push that envelop a little bit. Now, this step is one of the most important steps. You must write it down. I don’t know what it is, I don’t have the research, I know there’s all sorts of crazy urban myths out there about writing down goals. I just know from my personal experience that when you get it out of your brain and on to a piece of paper, it has suddenly become real outside of your imagination. That is powerful. Not only do you write it down so you can look at it and adjust it, and move it around a little bit, but so you can read it every single day. Now, here’s your warning. As soon as you do this, as soon as you allow yourself to want from a place of abundance, and you written down your 25 things, and then you’ve picked one of those and you’ve written a goal and made it very specific, what will happen especially if you’ve stretched yourself with that goal, what will happen is fear, doubt, shame will come up. This does not mean anything has gone wrong. This is part of the process. This is the most important part of the process. If negative emotion doesn’t come up, it probably means that you’re not stretching yourself. You’re not pushing yourself beyond your current comfort zone. Your brain likes to maintain the status quo. That is what it was designed to do. It was designed to be efficient, to learn quickly and to adapt. Your brain will look for what you tell it to look for. As soon as you start introducing new things and stretching it and asking it to go outside of its comfort zone, all of a sudden, those emotions are going to come up because you’re going to have thoughts that you haven’t normally had. You don’t have efficient thoughts to support this goal. That’s the point of having it. It’s not what you get from achieving the goal, it’s who you become. You come up against your fear and your doubt and your disbelief and your shame, and know that that’s part of it. As you process through that, that’s where you learn … First of all, you learn how to process through that negative emotion, you also learn how to pay attention to your own mind as you go through goal setting, and that skill in and of itself is what will allow you to continue to set and be goals. As you set your goal and you start noticing the negative emotion, you will also notice the negative thinking. Sometimes, it doesn’t alarm you because it’s not nasty. A lot of times, the thinking will sound like this, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m confused. Maybe this isn’t the right thing. Maybe I should wait a while. Maybe I should change my mind.” Those thoughts will block you from pursuing your dreams. ‘I don’t know’ is one of the biggest dream stealers of any thought I’ve ever come across. I have so many clients, I have so many dreams, and they block themselves by saying, “I just don’t know. I don’t know how, I don’t know if this is what I want, I don’t know if I could ever do it …” Just know that those thoughts will appear, and with them will come fear, disbelief, doubt, shame. Okay? That’s all part of the process. It doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong, it doesn’t mean you have to change anything. At that point, you really need to have a look at those thoughts, write them down. I do a process that I call ‘The Thought Download’. I start writing down all the doubtful thoughts, all the disbelief thoughts. I know that they’re supposed to be there, and I just write them all down. Then, what I do is I go to the place where the goal is already accomplished. I do a little process with myself where I go into the future, and it’s already done. The goal has been completed, and I look back on the thoughts that I just wrote down, and I address them from a place of the goal being completed. It’s a very powerful process, and I highly encourage you to do it. It’s a lot with that like that quote, “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” Think about that. If you go to the place where it’s already done, and you’re looking at yourself now saying, “I just don’t know how to do it. I just don’t know if this is the right decision,” you will be able to meet your mind from a place of knowing. That is powerful. Then, from that place, you write your action plan. That’s the how. Now, if these negative thoughts keep coming up and blocking you, you have to stop, go back, address those thoughts, have a look at them, really evaluate them and know that they’re just thoughts that are choices. You don’t have to believe them, and that they’re presenting to your mind in an effort to protect you. It’s an illogical process that happens in our brain. We have to acknowledge it and pay attention to it, and then we go right past it. Once you’ve arrived in your mind at this place where that goal is already accomplished, then you do the action plan backwards. What I like to do is I like to assume the place of my future self that has already accomplished this goal, and then I tell myself how I accomplished it. If I want to make a million dollars, I start where I’ve already made it, and then I tell myself how I made the last 200,000, and then I tell myself how I made the last 500,000, and then I keep going back, back, back. You will be so blown away by how much wisdom you give yourself within yourself. By just being able to check out of all those negative thoughts that you’re having, you will have so much more knowledge than you even know. Now, there may be instances and there probably will be where there will be things that you just literally don’t know the mechanics of. You don’t really know how to record a podcast, or you don’t really know how to set up a website, or you don’t really know how to make a sale. Those are the specifics of instead of these generalities, “I don’t know how to make a million dollars.” You do know. You just write it down, you do the math, this is how much money you need to make, this is how many sales you need to make, this is how many people you need to sign depending on what you’re doing, and then what you can do is access your own mind and say, “This is how I’m going to figure it out. This is what I really genuinely don’t know, and here is how I will solve that not knowing.” It will be very clear to you, because it’s like what Marie Forleo says. She says, “Everything is figure outable.” I love that. It’s really true. If there are things that you haven’t quite got your finger on, then that’s part of your action plan is to learn how to do those things, and it’s really important to break them down into small steps. If you have a year-long goal, you need to break it down by month. If you have a 25-year goal, you need to break it down by the year, and then down by the month, and then down to the week. The more detail you can give yourself about your action plan for your goal, the better. Now, obviously, when I’m teaching goal setting, we take this all down to the nitty-gritty detail and we get right down to it. I want to offer you one more thing that I think is really powerful when you’re doing an action plan. One of the things that I like to do is what I call a ‘Do goal’. When I have a goal, the example I like to use is like I have many clients come to me and say, “I really want to meet the man of my dreams, and I really want to start dating.” I’ll say, “If you’re really serious about it, if you really want to find someone that you enjoy spending time with, how about you go on 200 dates in the next year?” I’ve suggested this to more than one client. Some of them are like, “I’m not really sure that I want to date someone that much, like I’m not really committed to that. That doesn’t seem like a good idea.” Other clients will say to me, “Wait a minute. If I went on 200 dates, I would probably go on a lot of really bad dates, but I might increase my chances of going on some good dates,” and “I’m totally committed to finding someone, and that’s what I’m going to do.” It’s so fun to watch them and do that because one of the things that’s great about goal setting and especially do goals … One of my master coaches said it funny one way. She was talking about do goals, and I said, “Did you just say do goals?” Now, we call ‘Do goals, do goals’. What it is is you just set yourself up so the chances of not getting your result are so slim to none, like if I need to find one person to work at a certain position at the school, and I interview 300 people, the chances of me finding someone for that job are pretty darn good. If I’m only willing to interview two people, I’ve just lessened my chance. The do goal is something where I’m pretty much guaranteeing I’m going to find someone for that position, and that’s the same for all of us. If you really want to be able to run a marathon maybe, then maybe your do goal is to run 10 miles a day. I mean, I’m not suggesting … First of all, I’m not suggested anyone run 10 miles a day. I’m not running a marathon any time soon, but I’m just suggesting that you think bigger and what you can do is if you set yourself up with do goals that you know you can do and you know will get you the result you want, your motivation level will go through the roof. Just try it out. Play around what could be a do goal for a result you want, what could be a do goal for a goal you have? Maybe your goal is to go to Australia like one of mine is. How much time and energy are you willing to put into researching it? How many calls are you willing to make? How many airlines are you willing to research? How many contest are you willing to enter to help pay for the air fare? What are you really willing to do? What kind of do goal do you have for the result you want? Now, the other thing that I want to add, and then I’ll end it up here because I could talk about this all day. One of the things that is so amazing about setting goals and really doing some do goals too and some action plans to achieve those goals is not necessarily what you achieve when you achieve the goal, but what Dan Sullivan calls ‘The Strategic By-Products’ along the way. As you are going through the process of achieving your goal, you’re overcoming your doubts, your fears, you’re taking actions, you’re putting yourself out there. You are going to have things happen that wouldn’t happen otherwise. You’re going to meet people you wouldn’t have met. You’re going to have experiences you wouldn’t have experienced had you not have this goal. If you take the example of my client who’s on her … trying to go on 200 dates, she will meet 200 new people. She will probably go to new restaurants, new places. She may not date all of them, but she may make some new friends. She will become a different version of herself. Even if she doesn’t meet the guy at the end, the process of going through that do goal, the process of taking that action will bring her into more of who she is because she will have to overcome so many fears, doubts, frustrations … I mean, can you imagine how many dates she’s going to have to go on that are going to be miserable? What will she learn about herself, about other people, about dating … What will she get really good at? That is something you can’t really anticipate before. You start working towards your goal. When I started really determine … When I was really determined to lose weight, I had no idea that within that process, I would learn how to manage my mind. I would learn how to connect with my feelings. I just wanted to lose weight. I had no idea that I would then write a book about it and then start helping other people about it, and then I would start a career around it, and then I would build a school to teach other people how to do it. Those are all strategic by-products I have from the goal of wanting to lose weight and not just the goal, not just having the goal, but taking the massive action that I took to figure it out. That’s what I want to invite you to do. I want to invite you to dream, I want to invite you to be really specific and write it down. I want to invite you to allow the fear, shame and doubt to come up, write down the thoughts that come up that are obstacles in your way of achieving your goal, and take all of those thoughts and put them on the side burner while you go to the place where that goal is already achieved, and you access the wisdom of your future self and how you were able to achieve it and then break it down into an action plan, and then pimp out that action plan by making it a do goal. In that process, whether you achieve that goal ultimately or not, you will become a more clear, clean, in touch, evolved version of yourself because you will have to go through the process of facing yourself and seeing yourself by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. That is something I want for all of you, and I really want to encourage you to not just stay in your comfort zone because who you are and who you actually express to the world will be so much more visible not just to you, but to everybody else if you’re willing to continuously set goals, write them down and overcome the mental obstacles that appear in our way. There is nothing that you genuinely want that you can’t have. What you want is really important information. In fact, I think what you want is the GPS direction to the life that you’re meant to have for your very best self. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you about goal setting. I’m going to add some resources there into the show notes, and I would love to hear please in the comments put your goal, your want what you have chosen for yourself down there in those comments and I will read every single one of them. For sure, I will be cheering you on for anything that you genuinely want in your life. It’s been my pleasure to be with you today. I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to The Life Coach School podcast. It would be incredibly awesome if you would take a moment to write a quick review on iTunes. For any questions, comments or coaching issues you’d like to hear on the show, please visit us at


  1. OMG, Brooke, I have never thought about wanting what I already have! This has blown my mind and makes so much sense.

    I love how wanting what I already have feels so much better than being grateful for what I have. The two feel really different as well: gratitude feels a little fearful, like what I have might be taken away if I don’t say “Thank you” for it.

    Desiring what I already have in physical feels fun and powerful.

    So thanks for this perspective. Hugh!

      1. Hi Julie, I don’t think any worksheets are mentioned in this episode. What worksheets are you thinking of? Please let me know, I’m happy to help if I can! –Brecklyn

  2. Hi Monique!

    I totally agree.

    I am a huge fan of gratitude, but it is different than wanting what you already have.

    Wanting is usually associated with not having-and I love to pair them together.

    I love that it feels powerful to you…


  3. Hey Miranda-

    I don’t think I mentioned a worksheet in this episode? If I did, can you please remind me? I will be more than happy to share any of my worksheets with you!

    Let me know!


  4. The one thing I want more than anything for my family is a house.

    When I take a walk in a beautiful neighborhood with lovely houses, I actually have to take a deep breath because it hurts so much that I don’t have one for my kids. Sandwiching this grateful “want item” with all the other things I DO have (and there are a lot, like making a living from my passion) makes it easier to feel that it’s feasible. This is a “How the HELL you ever gonna do that?” item on my wish list. This is such a brilliant idea for all those big dreams that seem almost impossible. Everyone has a different area it seems.

    Great powerful idea. Thank you Brooke. YOU ARE WONDERFUL for this world.

  5. Hi Brooke – I’m of your WS clients who listened to a bunch of your podcasts on vacation this weekend, so I’m popping up all over now. 🙂

    Would this be the correct process you described in the podcast?

    1. Make a list of 25 things you want – both that you *do* have and that you *don’t* have.
    2. Pick one of the ones you don’t have and get very specific about it, writing it all down.
    3. Put yourself in the mindset of having already accomplished the goal, and write down what you did to accomplish it from that future place.
    4. That’s your action plan for accomplishing the goal.

    Is that about right?

  6. Hi Kara!

    Perfect description of the process. Thank you so much for putting it here so others can check it out!


  7. I got so much out of this podcast and each time I listen I get something new. I so love your perspective of wanting what we already have. This has shifted my perspective of my life tremendously!

  8. Hello there 🙂

    I was turned onto your podcast by a wonderful friend and am so glad he told me about you! I’m a 23 year old learning that I really am capable of anything I set my mind to. Your first three podcasts already have helped changed my perspective so much and turned me in a more positive direction. I’m a 3rd grade teacher and love my life and the fact that I get to spend my days helping thse wonderful kiddos, but I let fear control me too often. Not only do I have so much to be thankful for, but I have so much potential! The mind really is such a powerful thing. What’s better than spending your time on earth using it for the better and to become the best version of yourself that you can be??

    Thanks so much for sharing! You are definitely a force for good. 🙂

    Keep on,

    1. Hi Briana,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. It means a lot to me.

      Fear is a normal part of life, but don’t believe the thoughts that cause it. They only pretend to be necessary.


  9. Hi Brooke,

    These podcasts are FANTASTIC! I’m gleaning so much wisdom from them. Thank you so very much!!

    Question about the goal setting. I made my “sandwhich” list (which was mind-blowing in and of itself). The thing I’m getting hung up on is that I have SEVERAL goals that I’m excited about and wanting to set up action plans for and I’m wondering if I should just pick one or two or a few or if I should work on all of them? Is that a thought (belief) for me to work with or do you have a recommendiation re: how many goals to work on at one time? If so, can you recommend how to choose which goals to work on first?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Great question.

      I want to suggest that you work on one or two at a time. The more you can focus on completion, the easier it will then be to move on to a new goal.

      Go get it!


  10. Hi Brooke,

    “I think that goal setting is the most spiritual practice. I think it is the most compassionate, wonderful thing we can do for ourselves.” – What a beautiful statement. I really agree, especially when you set goals the way you suggest. The idea of making a list of wanting what you already have, blew my mind. I love the idea of wanting and setting goals from a place of abundance.

    I sat down and did my list of 25 things I want, and it was a great experience. I can’t wait to tackle my top goal, using the steps you suggested. And knowing that the fear and doubt will come, and to just let it and keep going on with your goals.

    Inspiring as always,

    1. Colleen,

      Thank you so much for posting here!

      So happy you are applying the work and getting benefit from it.

      I have no doubts you will achieve your goals and want them long after you have them.

      Much love,


  11. Brooke,

    On my path to becoming a coach, I feel priviledged to have found you. I just want you to know that you now are part of my daily routine, and that I found it so precious to start the day listening to you as I walk up the mountain with my dog. It all keeps me grounded! Monday thru Thursday, that ‘mobile meditation’ helps me in defining the type of helper I want to become. Thank you reminding us that we shouldn’t feel bad/guilty for wanting and loving life so much. Keep up your useful work!



  12. Hi Brooke

    Not sure you’re still monitoring these comments – but just wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your perspective and outlook. I have been ona long self discovery journey and finally feel as though I am coming out of the bushes to see a bit of a path. I really struggle with goal setting – but my goal (?!) is to learn to set goals….

    I have to confess I’m somewhat overwhelmed and almost intimidated by what is coming up for me by listening to your podcasts… I don’t know what it’s like to truly have self clarity………. but having listened to the “fear” podcast – I’m going to do my best to soldier on.

    Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries and wisdom. When you get to Australia next year… look me up.


  13. My goal is to listen to and put into practice the things in everyone of your podcast. I am hoping to attend your school in January 2016 and become a life/weight coach. wow! I’m excited! thank you Brooke I look forward to meeting you and learning much more from you!!

  14. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your podcasts, I recently proposed to me the goal to write a blog to convey to the world my learning about books and personal development, and i discovered your fantastics podcasts. I wish one day I could be self sufficient in my work, like you, so once again thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Sorry if my english isn’t the best, because I’m Portuguese.

    Márcia Estima

  15. Hey Brooke,

    Have been listening your podcasts for about six months now and love em! I really appreciate how much you have given me (including many lols) and so many others.

    I was wondering if you have come to our beautiful country Australia yet!?

  16. Hi Brooke,

    Love your podcasts. It is a great compliment to my current studies of finding my true self. You mentioned a worksheet in the podcast – could you post that? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Karon,

      I reviewed the transcript but don’t see a worksheet mentioned. If you meant “The Thought Download,” Brooke refers to writing down all your thoughts. Let me know if that wasn’t it and I’ll be happy to help.


  17. Hello Brooke,

    I just discovered your Podcast series in my iPhone and I am just thrilled about all of the pieces of advice I have gotten so far! I am a gay teacher from Costa Rica, and I have been going under tough situations with my boyfriend since I am quite jealous. You know? I am starting to apply your life coaching techniques and I just set my goal to becoming a not-jealous partner (I know I drive him nuts!). I will listen to all of your Podcasts and I cannot wait to go under a spirit cleansing process thanks to you and your husband.

    I cannot express how much you have helped me today!

    Hugs and love from Costa Rica,

    Esteban Andrés

  18. Week 3 and pod cast 3……. Listening is easy. Application and understanding takes work. I will continue and see where I grow and go. Thank you.

  19. After a day of thinking about and writing my 25 goals from a place of abundance, I found them changing or being replaced with other goals. Will revision be a part of my list until I find my true list?

  20. Hi Brooke!

    I loved this podcast SO much. Where are the ‘show notes’ with additional resources?

    I am highly interested in those because I want to do the exercises you spoke of!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Do you mean the exercise of a “Thought Download”? Brooke refers this as writing down all your thoughts. Let me know if that wasn’t it and I’ll be happy to help.


  21. My goal is to attend The Life Coach School in September! This is a very lofty goal for me, as I am on the other side of the country and financial rescources are very limited. I am also working with Jody Moore and she is planning to teach our group how to have money this month. This passion for life coaching is strong within me. I am immersing myself in all of your information. I can’t wait to enlighten those around me and build the financial freedom that I have always dreamed of.

  22. Hi from Wales, UK.

    I am loving these podcasts Brooke, thank you. Can wait to make goal setting part of my ritual. What’s great about the podcast is you can listen over and over again, take notes and expand the mind.

    So my goal is to start my own coaching practice, coaching creative, curious, female graduates in my local area who want to have fulfilling, sustainable and creative lives.

    Super excited to be on this journey and have found you along the way. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom 🙏🏻💕😊

  23. I must say you have hi quality content here. Your page should go viral.

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  24. Dear Brooke,
    I am loving your podcast. I listen to it every day during my commute to work.
    I love the content and the delivery. You make the difficult stuff easy to understand and practice.
    Your podcast has been helping me in my professional and personal life a great deal.
    I am grateful for this to you. Thank you.

    living in Brussels, Belgium

  25. Hello Brooke,

    I’ve just listened to this podcast about “how to set goals” and I have a question regarding one of my goals.
    Is it appropriate to set the goals of wanting my ex-boyfriend back?
    I am aware that I can’t control him but I really love him and I know we could be great together again.
    I am working on myself to be the best version of myself, but I am not sure that this goal is the right thing to want.

    Thank you for all those contents, it’s really helpful!


    1. Thank you for your question, Seh. Brooke will be responding to Questions in an upcoming Questions and Answers episode. Stay tuned!


  26. I love this Podcast. Its so gentle and practical and really gets one thinking. Something I think (lol) I avoid alot. Thank you Brooke
    New Zealand

  27. I just heard about this podcast from one of your certified coaches. I love wishing for what you already have – because it’s a goal to keep what I have or maintain that level of joy in my life. I’m looking forward to listening to all the podcasts. I still have to do the homework from the first three (LOL) but loving it so far.

  28. Love this podcast so much!! I just recently started over from Episode 1. This new way of looking at the world has been transformative in my life. I have a hard time thinking about what I want. I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids (7, 4 and 1). I have lost myself a bit in them, but this exercise has opened my mind to setting aside my limiting beliefs about life’s possibilities. Thank you for sharing this work with the world!

  29. So is life really all just about having more and showing off what we have and telling ourselves how wonderful and successful we are and what we have achieved? There has to be more to life than this.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Jane. I’ve passed along your question to Brooke. She may address it in a future Q & A episode. Stay tuned!

  30. Hello Brooke,
    I loved this episode! I decided to incorporate it into our family night. I bought little notebooks for my kiddos (12, 7, 6 & 3 years) and we did goal setting. I had to simplify it of course because they are so little but I plan on taking what I learn from your podcasts and teaching my children each week.
    It has been an amazing experience! I absolutely love your methods of teaching and am hoping to come to the life coach school in August!
    Thank you thank you!

  31. I am learning from your podcast so much!! Thank you for doing it. I was revisiting this one and a question came up. How many goals are too many? Sometimes I find that I want to do everything and spread myself too thinly… but I don’t know how to stop “dreaming” and wanting to achieve so many different things.

  32. I love this new way of writing goals! Especially the part of appreciating (yay gratitude!) of what we already have. Working on this today. Thank you, Brooke, for the switch up.

  33. Really interesting listening to your podcast. It was reassuring to hear that negative thoughts come and how to deal with them. However, I am struggling to know where to start with making my list of 25 things & coming from a place of abundance. Perhaps this is because I am currently back living with my folks while I job and house hunt; have little to no income, am single, have never wanted kids and so forth.

    Where or how do I start? 😕

    Thank you

    1. Great question, Vonna! Brooke may address this in an upcoming Questions & Answers podcast. Stay tuned! –Brecklyn

    2. I totally feel you Vonna! I’m in the same place not exactly but close enough . I only made it to my third want and stopped because I noticed how negative I was being towards myself for not knowing what to put down for my want. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


  34. Hi Brooke,
    Do we have to set 25 goals? Struggling to find more than 8. Is it sandwich 1 in between every 2?

    1. Hi Ange, Thank you for your question. I think you don’t need to set 25 goals, just make a list of 25 things you want, with every other item on the list being something you want that you already have. –Brecklyn

  35. It’s May 2018 and I’ve just discovered this podcast and I love it. I’m starting at the beginning because I don’t want to miss anything. I hope I catch up to current some time this year… 🙂

  36. Hi! Just began listening your podcast and I love it. This one let me with a question. I don t really have trouble dreaming. (and I like how you put it in goal and make it “doable”) My problem is that I have to many dreams, to many thing I would like to accomplis and that à wake my passion. The problem is that I don t know how to just pick one and go for it. How to choose?! Thanks for your answer. (and sorry for my english, I speak french) 😁

    1. Thank you for your question. Brooke will be responding to questions in an upcoming Questions and Answers episode. Stay tuned! –Brecklyn

  37. Hi! I discovered your podcast from an Instagram sponsored ad…so they are working!!! I decided to start from the beginning and I’m loving it!

    One question about this episode, once I make my list of 25 wants, should I be reading that full list every day? Or just my main goal?

  38. Brooke, thank you for your inspiring podcast. Just listening to your cheerful, positive voice during my morning commute lifts my gaze and sets them on higher goals. Thank you for being you!

  39. Hi Brooke,

    Ashley here from Liverpool in UK.

    I have just began to listen to podcasts and take on Life Coaching in order to support myself after a very turbulent couple of years and I’m finding I absolutely love to listen to yours. You have become a part of my daily routine to get up, get out and listen and concentrate on the positive and not the negative that is so easy to listen to when your doubting yourself.

    I wish I was nearer you so I could attend some classes and get involved with the Life Coach School!!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for listening in and for the feedback! Brooke appreciates it very much. PS. All of our classes are held online, and we would love to have you join us! –Felicia

  40. Hi Brooke-
    I’m listening to this Episode again and what keeps coming up is I have so many ideas for relaunching a career that I’m having difficulty choosing ONE and going for it.
    What I used to do for work I no longer feel inspired for, how do I know that I’m not just hitting a road block and being frustrated vs this road isn’t my true purpose?
    Thank you so much I truly enjoy the show. Megan

    1. Thank you for your question. Brooke will be responding to questions in an upcoming Questions and Answers episode. Stay tuned! –Felicia

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