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Brooke Castillo

In A Hurry

Stop Rushing The Life Coach School

Notice whenever you are in a hurry to do something.

Lose weight.  Get money. Quit a job.  Divorce your husband.

What you are really in a hurry to do is get out of pain.

Getting out of pain does not happen fastest by changing circumstances.

Getting out of pain fast happens by changing our thoughts about a circumstance.

When you have a client who is in a hurry to change anything in their life besides their mind-it is an opportunity to do some deep thought work.

By teaching clients to be clean in their thinking and be positive in their feeling before they take action, you can help them prevent a series of reactions that might not serve them.

The work is to feel as good as possible about the job(etc.) before you leave it.  Then the rush isn't necessary.

When you eliminate the hurry-you reduce the anxiety.

The result is always better.

There is no downside to feeling good before you take action.