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A Coaching Education


I received a letter the other day from a woman who was frustrated that she had spent so much time and money in school becoming a Psychologist.  She was angry that I was apparently making a lot more money than she is, and I didn't have to go to graduate school to do it.

Another coach was beside herself that she had attending a coaching university that charged her in the high thousands of dollars claiming that because their school was ICF qualified that she would have a much better chance at a lucrative coaching career.  She has not even made her tuition back in her coaching career yet, while many of our certified coaches have made ten times that amount.

Here is the thing…

If you are good and effective at what you do, and you have good tools, no one asks to see your resume.  Clients want help. Period.  If you can help them, they want to pay you.

This is why even Master Certified Coaches and Counselors with much more education than I have, come and pay me to coach them. They want my help-not my degrees.

Please do not let anyone tell you that you need some special certifcation to be a coach. You don't.  You can be a coach right now.  You are a coach right now.  Hand someone your business card and start coaching.  If you love your clients and tell them the truth and coach them from a clean place and use some great tools, they will come back for more coaching and then they will tell their friends.

Certifications don't hurt, and many of them certainly do help, but they are not required.  This industry is not regulated, nor do I believe it should be.  Coaches don't learn to be good by studying a text book, they learn to be good by coaching themselves and others.

The best coaching education you can get is paying attention to your own life and sharing what you have learned with your people.

Start now.