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Brooke Castillo

A Coach’s Best Asset

Uninterrupted time.

Being a coach isn't just about coaching.

It requires creation, thinking and learning.

Great coaches spend time thinking about their clients.   They spend time coaching themselves.

They read great books-they study and apply great wisdom.

But uninterrupted time has to be valued and prioritized.

It's much less available than you might imagine for someone working from home alone.

The Life Coach School Time asset

Facebook calls. Emails come in. The phone rings. The dryer buzzes.

All of these interruptions prevent process thinking, solution creating, and idea generation.

I always recommend that my students give themselves at least one hour of uninterrupted work time each day.

Turn off the email, computer, dryer, phone and anything else that might interrupt you.

Use it to evolve as a coach and as a person.

Time, after all, is our most precious asset.

Honor it.