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A Gift for Your Clients

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I am currently teaching a class on Creating Products to a group of LCS certified coaches.

When I was preparing for the class, I thought a lot about why I think my products have been so successful and so effective.

They are organized, simple to use, easy to understand, and original.  I think these are reasons that all contribute.

But I think the most important reason was my intention when I created them.

Each time I created a product, I was thinking about what I could give to my clients that they would love.

Something they would use to help set them free.

I thought about what I had wanted when I was struggling-and then I created that.

I encourage you to do the same when you are creating.

Think about what you can give that you would love giving, and also what you would love receiving.

It is so much more fun to create a gift for someone than a “product.”

Gifts have meaning and thoughtfulness and generosity.

And when you love your clients – that is exactly what you want them to get.