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Brooke Castillo

A Rant for My Two Sons


Seriously?  Have some self respect.

This is what I say to my children when I walk into their room at the end of the weekend.

Their room looks like they’ve had a 48 hour rave when left with no weekday expectations.

I talk to them about cleanliness.  I explain that being able to see the floor has its merits.

I show them how pleasant it can be to have a bathroom that doesn’t smell like death.

Come on boys.

But… but …but… so and so doesn’t have to clean his room, you should see it.

And what about so and so’s car?  They don’t have to clean it out every time they get home.

Why are you always all over us to keep everything clean?

Because you deserve it from yourself.

Living in a clean, non cluttered environment is healthy.

Putting some effort into your own well-being is significant.

Because getting into a car that doesn’t smell like old soccer socks and warm Gatorade is my birthright.

How you treat yourself is a sign of how much you respect yourself.

You will teach people how to treat you throughout your life.

They will learn by how you treat you.

If you want to be treated like garbage, then you are on your way.

But if you want people to treat you like the kings you are, show them how.