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We Are The Life Coach School

We set the standard for the life coaching industry.

How do we do this? We train the best coaches in the world and inspire individuals to care for their mental health by being an example of what’s possible.

We show you how to use your mind to make your biggest dreams come true.

When you apply what we teach, there’s no limitation to what’s possible for your future. Trust us.

LCS Values

Our pillars exemplify who we are and what we stand for. They act as a compass for our leadership and guide our company as a whole. Our team members embody these values proudly in everything they do.

  • Be An Example
    We know these tools work because we use them every day. We are committed to managing our own minds and we use the Model to do it. We work at the highest end of our abilities. We like to blow our own minds with what we are capable of achieving.
  • Be Inclusive
    We don’t just welcome everyone into our company inclusive of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, different-abilities; we invite them in and include them. We do this by constant education, exposure, listening, communication, and making offers to include. By understanding all people better, we are better able to serve and help them achieve their own examples of what is possible.
  • Be Fun
    It has to be fun (and hopefully funny) or forget it. We love delighting our customers and overdelivering. We represent the school by dressing up because we like to be a little bit fancy. There’s nothing better than honoring our dreams while helping others.
  • Be Blue Collar
    We move very fast around here. We change our minds a lot because we are willing to learn by taking action. We know something is a good idea by trying it out. We are efficient and prepared and get ridiculous results. There’s no job we aren’t willing to do if it supports our vision.

Meet the Directors

None of what you read about above is possible without the leadership of our LCS Directors. Every Director is a rock star whose expertise allows us to create transformational moments for our clients. We’re proud to have these individuals representing the School and driving our business forward. Here are the visionary Directors who lead The Life Coach School team.

Brooke Castillo


Brooke began coaching in 2006 and founded The Life Coach School in 2010. She has coached thousands of clients to improve their lives, their weight, their businesses, and their careers. Through the School, Brooke created Self Coaching Scholars and the Coach Certification Program. She also hosts one of the most highly rated podcasts on iTunes: The Life Coach School Podcast. Brooke loves the outdoors and finds time to walk or hike as much as possible.

To learn more about Brooke, click here.

Erika Royal

Chief Executive Officer

Erika joined LCS as its Chief Executive Officer in 2020. Before joining the School, Erika worked as an employment lawyer at an AmLaw 100 law firm for 22 years—12 of them as a partner. Erika is a graduate of Harvard Law School (JD), Florida State University (BA), and received her Coach Certification from The Life Coach School. She currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband, two daughters, one son, and one puppy. In her spare time, Erika can be found riding her Peloton, listening to audiobooks, or planning her next travel adventure.

Katie Pulsifer

Director of Coaches and Instructors

Katie is a Master Certified Coach and the Director of Coaches and Instructors. She began coaching and instructing for the School in 2018 after having her own coaching business for several years. She’s been in this Director role since 2019. Prior to becoming a life coach, Katie spent 20 years in the fashion merchandising and product design industry. She majored in African American and Women’s Studies at Bowdoin College and UNM. Katie lives in Maine with her blended family. When she’s not working for LCS, she’s either training as an ice dancer or spending time on the ocean in the wooden boat she built with her Dad.

Courtney Rolls Cook

Director of Alumni

Courtney joined the LCS team in 2019 as a Certified Coach in Self Coaching Scholars. She coached over 4,000 sessions and was a mentor in the Ask A Coach forum before being promoted to Director of Alumni in 2020. Courtney loves anything adventurous—including traveling, skydiving, and setting impossible goals. She earned her Master’s Degree from Harvard University, where she studied psychology, and currently lives in New York City with her fiancé and their Maltipoo pup, Honey.

Stephanie Griffin

Director of Coach Certification Program

Stephanie is the Director of the Coach Certification Program for The Life Coach School and is a Certified Life Coach. She first joined LCS in February 2019 before being promoted to Director in October of 2019. Before joining the School, Stephanie worked in commercial real estate. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Certificate in Human Resource Management. She currently lives in Denver, CO, with her husband, two sons, and dog. Stephanie spends her spare time enjoying anything outdoors with her boys.

Allison Wright

Director of Self Coaching Scholars

Allison is the Director of Self Coaching Scholars and a Double Diamond Scholar. Before joining The Life Coach School in 2021, she directed a video-on-demand product and designed digital courses in the fitness and wellness industries for more than 10 years. Allison has a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University and currently resides in Portland, Oregon, with her partner and twin golden retrievers. When she’s not working for LCS, she’s dancing, doing yoga, and adventuring through the Columbia River Gorge.

Elizabeth Satterfield

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth serves as the Chief Financial Officer for The Life Coach School, coming on board in 2019. She has 20 years of experience in business and operations management and previously worked in the professional services industry. Elizabeth lives north of Dallas with her husband, two children, and their dog. She loves being outdoors, spending summer days at the lake, going to see live music, and spending time with friends and family.

Stephen Gardner

Ontraport Manager

Stephen joined The Life Coach School in January of 2020 as the Ontraport Manager. Before joining LCS, Stephen owned a marketing automation company that specialized in Ontraport development and implementation and worked at Google on the search management team for nearly six years. Stephen has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently living in Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.

Sara Beukema

Creative Director

As The Life Coach School’s Creative Director, Sara is the lead designer and oversees the creative team. Before joining the company in 2019, she worked both agency-side and in-house designing for a wide range of national and global clients spanning the luxury, fashion, technology, restaurant, and food and beverage industries. She also led complete branding initiatives for a range of emerging startups and nonprofits. A Texas native, Sara is a graduate of The University of North Texas. She currently resides in Dallas with her husband, children, and their weirdo cats.

Kirsten Simon

Director of Customer Support

Kirsten joined The Life Coach School in 2019 as a Customer Support Representative before being promoted to Director of Customer Support in 2020. She’s also a Certified Life Coach. Previously, she worked as a financial planner at a registered investment advisory firm in downtown Chicago. Kirsten still lives in Chicago with her husband and two cats. She enjoys long walks with her husband exploring all that the city has to offer.

Meet the Team

Every member of the LCS team is the best at what they do. They are committed to The Life Coach School mission and constantly overdeliver. These are the amazing individuals who make up The Life Coach School Team.

Ashley R. Wright

Assistant to Director of Coaches and Instructors

Buffy Payne Press

Executive Travel Project Manager

Cameron Phillips

Social & Video Content Creator

Emily Claver

Executive Assistant to Brooke Castillo

Melissa Gunsaulus

Assistant to Director of Coach Certification Program

Our coaches, instructors, customer service, and LCS support members are key parts of our team too. They represent the School and provide the highest level of service to our clients. Click here to see a full list of the rest of the LCS team.

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