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Brooke Castillo


I was reading some sales and marketing materials from Dan Kennedy and he said the darnedest thing.

He said people who sign up for something see that as an accomplishment.

So when someone gets a membership at a gym-even if they don't workout-they feel a sense of accomplishment.

People who start diets, enroll in classes, or pay money for a book, think they have done something of value for themselves.

That is why so many people keep buying books and not reading them, joining gyms and not going to them, signing up for classes and not taking them.

Please don't make this same mistake.

Buying something to learn isn't the same as learning it.

Signing up for something isn't the same as doing it.

Starting something isn't the same as finishing it.

Accomplishment is a special skill or ability acquired by training or practice.

Training and practice are something you do.

Not something you buy.