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Brooke Castillo

Allocating Your Thinking


Do you know what you spend most of your time thinking about?

If you had to pick one thing you spend the most time thinking what would it be?

Your weight?

Your bank account?

Your boyfriend or lack thereof?

How much you hate your job or husband?

How much you have to do?

Your past and how much it sucked?

Whether or not he she or it likes you?

What would you like to spend your time thinking about? What really, truly matters to you? What do you want your beautiful brain to work on when it's awake? How do you want it to spend its energy?

Amazingly, I found out my brain spends a large portion of its energy thinking about things that don't really matter to me. TV shows, what's going on with so and so, why she did or didn't do that, customer service, or how I look today.

I realized it doesn't spend enough time thinking about:

My husband's beautiful blue eyes and his kindness

My children's belief systems

My dog's tail and the way it wags at the tip

How much I love my mother

My sister's beautiful hair

The dinner I would love to prepare and eat tonight

Who/what needs some of my money, my time, my energy today

I want my mind to think about what matters to me. So I can feel what matters to me. So I can do what matters to me.

I have complete free will to allocate my mind energy.

And right now, I'm choosing and loving thinking about you.