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Brooke Castillo

Are You Willing to be Happy?


Sometimes when I am coaching a client, I notice that they want to keep their painful story.

They've had it for so long, it's their companion.

My mother was horrible.

My ex-husband ruined my life.

My weight gets in the way of my life.

I'm hate my job.

When I suggest to them that maybe their story isn't serving them, and it's possible to change it, they kick and scream. They give me all their evidence for why it's true. They show me how horrible it is. They point out that everyone has always agreed with them.


So that means you should stay in pain?

You have to be willing to have been wrong.

You have to be willing to let it go.

You have to be willing to love people no matter how they behave.

For your sake.

For your own happiness.

You have to be willing to be happy.

Before you can be happy.