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Brooke Castillo

Are You Willing to Tell the Truth?


It is easy to tell a client what they want to hear.

Give them a rah rah speech.

Support them. Love them. Let them stay small.

They will love you for it.

So many of us get so little support, that having a coach have your back can be a godsend.

But are you willing to tell your client what you really think?

Are you willing (from a very loving space) to tell them when you think they are lying?

Are you willing to call them out when they are hurting themselves?

Are you willing to tell them something you know they don't want to hear?

You might lose them as a client.

You might piss them off.

They might never call you again,

But what is the alternative?


Waiting until you think they are ready to hear your hunch. (That could be totally wrong.)

Waiting until you have established enough trust with them.

Or doing nothing.

Going through the motions of coaching with no true intimacy.

Not giving your client your truth.

That is not an option for me.


It makes my job so much harder.

I have to do so much more work on myself.

I have to worry, cry and doubt myself a lot more.

Because I love my clients enough to tell them what maybe no one else will.

And risk losing them as a client.

It's the only way I am willing to coach.

It's radical.  And most certainly not for everyone.

But its for me. And the people who are meant to be my clients.