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Brooke Castillo



All of the coaching we do it to increase consciousness and awareness.

Most of our clients come to us not fully alive, not aware of their own mind, and in pain.

It is our job, as their coaches, to guide them into more awareness.

But they might not want to.

Or dare I say, they might want to stay in “avoid-ness”

They want to eat rather than feel.

They want to spend rather than feel.

They want to blame rather than feel.

They will tell you that avoiding their feelings gives them an escape, a respite,  some soothing.

But really what happens when we avoid our feelings is we dull ourselves to living.

We weaken our vibration, but we also weaken ourselves.

We make it even more difficult to feel the next time.

When we learn and teach our clients how to feel negative emotion all the way through, we come alive, we wake up, we embrace what it means to be alive.

Most importantly, when we open ourselves up to ourselves, to our feelings, we strengthen ourselves.

We gain confidence.  We realize that the worst that can happen is a feeling.  And there is no feeling we can't handle.

This is where genuine confidence comes from.

Feeling. Being awake. Staying. Awareness. Self-intimacy.  Strength.

The ingredients for living the best life we can.