Getting from Before to After

The secret is the Process to get from here to there.

If we know that, we know everything.

The process always needs to start with the thinking.

Our thinking drives our emotion which drives our action.

We need to start with our brain and the patterns of thinking.

Have you ever noticed that our life is mostly a repeat?

We do and get the same things day in and day out.

We are literally in the habit of being ourselves.

We are efficient in default mode and our brain likes it that way.

It’s safe.

So first we become of aware of where we are (the before).

Then we decide where we want to go (the after).

And then we change our thinking, and our feelings and actions follow.

We develop new habits of thinking that eventually turn into habits of feeling and action.

That is the job of life coaching.

We change our minds and our lives follow.

Watch this short video where I explain a bit more.

Coaching is all about recognizing and changing neural pathways in the brain.

For example, when I was overweight, I was always overeating.

I had patterns of thinking that led me to the kitchen whenever I was bored or stressed.

I then ate and ate until I felt full and dull.

Then I felt stressed because I was gaining weight.

This led me to eat even more.

What I wanted was to be free of thoughts around food.

The process was learning how to do something with my feelings besides eat.

I had to learn how to process and prevent stress and boredom.

I had to learn and create new neurotransmitters that made me more productive and less self-sabotaging.

I did that by following the process of Self Coaching (What we teach in Self Coaching Scholars.)

I did the Before and After Process and then I changed my patterns so that my after became habitual.

You can totally do this as well.

You can do this on your own, or we can help.