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Being a Student


“I don't really want to have to think that hard.”

One of my students told me this the other day.

I've thought a lot about this.

She just wants to coach and write, she doesn't want to have to think about coaching and writing.

It's confusing to implement new ideas. It makes action harder.

It is so much easier to do without thinking.

Or is it?

I think the quality of our work is in direct relationship to the quality of our thinking.

I don't think we need to be detailed or meticulous in our thinking, I think we need to be positive and supportive in our thinking.

This takes practice and work and the willingness to improve and be confused some of the time.

I am knee deep in my own learning right now.  I am studying marketing in a new way so I can teach it to my students.  A lot of the time my brain hurts and I feel like I will never understand it. But I am still going to try and apply what they teach me.

I am always a student.

I am willing to think that hard.