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Brooke Castillo

Being a Winner When You Lose


My son's soccer team is badass.

They won almost every game they played last year.

My son is the keeper and one of the leaders on the team.

This last weekend our club hosted a tournament.

And we lost.


Not only did we (notice my vicariousness-Put me in coach!) play poorly, but the team's attitude was terrible.

In the last game of the semi finals, we needed to have no goals scored on us to advance. The other team scored on us in the first five minutes.

Our boys hung their heads, rounded their shoulders, and gave up.

When Christian, my son, came off the field, he could tell he was in for some of mom's “words”.

We sat down in the shade and I told him this:

When you lose a game it doesn't make you a loser.

You lose when you act like a loser, when you give up, we you lose your effort.

Even when your team loses, you can be and are a winner.

You could have the best game of your life and still lose the game.

Who you are is not determined by the score, the other players or the referee's calls.

You. You get to decide your own fate.

You get to win any time you choose.

My son looked at me.

For a long time.

And then (I swear I'm not making this up.).

Just smiled.