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Being Conscious


How do naturally thin people know they’re going unconscious in their lives?


I know I’m going unconscious when I overeat or eat when I’m not hungry.  It’s my signal. My reminder.  My alarm.

Whenever I have even a hint of it, I stop and consider my mind and what I’m trying to avoid feeling.

I can usually find it.  (I’ve had lots and lots of practice.)  Then, I do my work to get back on track and conscious of my thoughts and my feelings again.

Now I hear the signal after about three bites of eating when I am not hungry.  When I first started, I would become aware only after I had gained five pounds.

But how to naturally thin people do this?  They don’t overeat when they go unconscious.  They don’t have a signal as clear as an overfull stomach or weight gain.

I now know.

After years and years of coaching people from all over the world, I know that we all have our signals.

For some, it’s drinking vodka. For some, it’s buying stuff they can’t afford. For some, it’s sleeping with random partners.  And for others, it’s raging, cutting, drama-ing, overworking, cleaning, or drugs.

We all have our signal that we’ve become unconscious.

That we’re doing something that will ultimately not serve us, in order to dull the vibration of being alive in this moment.

I love that food is my signal.  What I used to curse, now I love.  It is my consciousness creator.  It’s my gift.

What’s yours?