Big Goals Workshop

Translate Effort into Achievement In Your Personal and Professional Growth

Introducing the Big Goals Workshop

An action-driven deep dive into the art and science of achieving big goals.

We understand the difficulties of balancing ambitious aspirations with the grind of daily life, which is why this workshop is going to guide you through each step of the journey with clarity, purpose, and a plan that works.

This isn’t just a how-to session. This workshop reveals the underlying method to staying on track in the face of all of the challenges you’ll meet along the way.

You’ll learn to how avoid the pitfalls that keep people from achieving success. And you’ll walk away with a new approach to your goals that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated.

How to acknowledge and overcome your fear

Tailored for go-getters of all levels:

  • From beginners to seasoned goal-setters.
  • Whether you’re aiming for personal transformation, career advancement, or a complete life overhaul.
  • Ideal for anyone feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about their next step.

Join Master Certified Coach Brooke Castillo for a 3-day Big Goals Workshop, specifically designed for those who are serious about achieving their wildest dreams.

Elevate Your Ambitions
with the Big Goals Workshop

The Big Goals Workshop is going to help you navigate your path to major achievements, without confusion or doubt. In just three days you’ll learn the power of adaptability in planning, how to prioritize actions for maximum impact, and all about aligning your efforts with your end goal.

Brooke is bringing a wealth of experience and proven strategies to teach you how to set up a framework that adapts to you. She’ll teach you how to release the mental and emotional obstacles that are blocking you from achieving long term success as it relates to setting and achieving big, daring goals.

She’ll ensure that you’ll never lose sight of your goals due to a lack of preparation, clarity, or actionable insight. She has personally walked the path of achieving huge, audacious goals, and now she’s sharing her knowledge, strategies, and support to guide you through setting and achieving your big goals.

Enjoy Your Bonus: 30-day access to Get Coached!

The Big Goals Workshop comes with 30 days of free access to Get Coached, where all of Brooke’s teachings and courses are saved.

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This includes:

Group Coaching Calls:
Get coached personally by Brooke Castillo, or watch other people get coached (which gives you insights into your own life). You’ll also receive a private podcast feed to listen to all the coaching on the go.

Access to The Life Coach School Course Library Including:
Achieving Your Goals, The Possibility Formula, Self Confidence, Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Money Is Your Friend, Relationships, How to Be an Entrepreneur, Monday Hour One (Productivity), and more. (Valued at over $12k)

Brooke’s Books:
What’s Possible (digital + audio), Wisdom from the Life Coach School Podcast Volumes 1 & 2, Self Coaching 101, If I Am So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight.

Get Coached is normally only available as a monthly subscription.
Joining the Big Goals Workshop is the easiest, commitment-free way to try coaching—and see the results for yourself. Your purchase will be for 30 days, no strings attached. Your card will not be charged again unless you choose to renew at the end of the 30 days.

My life is changing because of Brooke’s teachings: I write every day, I’m taking action and I know I will achieve my dreams or die trying! I’ve lost weight, I’ve stopped drinking, I’m exercising daily. Hell, I’m still scared but life is happening anyway so I might as well follow my dreams and enjoy it. The sentence that blew Brooke’s mind, blew mine too when I heard her say it, “Our thoughts create our feelings.” Holy crap, I can think what the hell I want, I can be who I want.

Karen Milner

Ready to Achieve
the Impossible?

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