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Tuesday, April 23rd at 1 pm PDT • 2 pm MDT • 3 pm CDT • 4 pm EDT Add to Calendar

Wednesday, April 24th at 1 pm PDT • 2 pm MDT • 3 pm CDT • 4 pm EDT Add to Calendar

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You’ve unlocked a new chapter in your journey where you learn how to set big audacious goals for yourself and eliminate the obstacles that stop you from achieving them.


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Group Coaching Calls
Get coached personally by Brooke Castillo, or watch other people get coached (which gives you insights into your own life). You’ll also receive a private podcast feed to listen to all the coaching on the go.

Brooke’s Books
What’s Possible (digital + audio), Wisdom from the Life Coach School Podcast Volumes 1 & 2, Self Coaching 101, If I Am So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight.

Access to The Life Coach School Course Library
Achieving Your Goals, The Possibility Formula, Self Confidence, Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Money Is Your Friend, Relationships, How to Be an Entrepreneur, Monday Hour One (Productivity), and more. (Valued at over $12k)

Brooke’s Mental Tools for Achieving Goals, Including the Self Coaching Model
These tools are the catalyst to make the changes you want in life. They are available within Get Coached, which you have 30 days of access to.

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