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Big Goals
Change Your Life

Even If You Don't Achieve Them

If You Don’t Like Setting Big Goals
It Means You’re Doing It Wrong.

Big Goal setting is one of the best ways to live a conscious life of purpose.


Embracing big goals is crucial for anyone looking to evolve…

And that evolution starts with you.

You don’t need to have a huge group of people to influence in order to make a difference.

To evolve humankind you only need to evolve one human –  yourself.

I should know.

Goal setting completely changed everything about my life…

Once I started doing it right.

Once I understood the process of Goal Cultivation.

And now I’m on a mission to teach this to as many people as possible.

How to acknowledge and overcome your fear

This process is designed to:

  • Create more action and reduce procrastination
  • Determine clear next steps when you’re feeling stuck
  • Achieve more results in less time with less effort

I’ll share my story of how I set a $1 million goal and blew my mind when I achieved it.

Then I set a goal for $10 million and blew right past that.

And how my $100 Million goal has made me smarter, more excited about life, and more successful than I had ever dreamed possible.

This three-part workshop is available for you to access instantly:

Class One: Learn about the goal you should set and how possibility needs to be questioned and multiplied before you even write it down. Then, clear away any mental failures that might be holding you back from thinking BIGGER. You’ll have a bit of reflective homework to complete and contemplate to prepare you for class two.

Class Two: Discover the how. You’ll create a plan for how you will achieve this enormous dream. I’ll simplify the process of attaining your Big Goal. (Hint: You’re going to realize that it’s not as complicated as you might have once thought.) I show you how I do unreasonable and unrealistic things ALL THE TIME. My results are extraordinary and yours can be too. Again, you will receive homework to further this learning.

Class Three: Anticipate and address any potential obstacles that might cause you to quit. This often-overlooked step is crucial for sustaining your goals. You’ll discover how to navigate the challenges while keeping your Big Goal as a source of daily inspiration and excitement.

This workshop isn’t just educational – it’s life-changing.

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My life is changing because of Brooke’s teachings: I write every day, I’m taking action and I know I will achieve my dreams or die trying! I’ve lost weight, I’ve stopped drinking, I’m exercising daily. Hell, I’m still scared but life is happening anyway so I might as well follow my dreams and enjoy it. The sentence that blew Brooke’s mind, blew mine too when I heard her say it, “Our thoughts create our feelings.” Holy crap, I can think what the hell I want, I can be who I want.

Karen Milner

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the Impossible?

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