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How to become more aware of your fear

All of us experience fear.

It’s part of the human condition.

We sometimes experience a lot more of it than others because of what’s going on in our own personal lives or what’s going on in the world.

We think the world is crumbling around us and our lives are in danger.

There have been so many different things happening in the world that trigger irrational fears in us. And some of us aren’t even aware of it. We’re not sure how to not be scared.

It’s tough to overcome fear.

People are thinking that they’re angry or frustrated, but really when we’re getting down to it there’s a lot of fear going on beneath the surface.

Here’s how you can become more aware of your emotions and learn how to overcome fear.

Reacting to Fear

One of the things that you might be doing is reacting to fear.

When you react to fear, it doesn’t usually look like fear. It’s not like you go screaming down the street yelling in fear.

You usually react to fear with frustration or anger. You try to control the world around you. Fear comes across in a much more aggressive way. Scared people don’t act scared, we act a little bit crazy. We act a little bit controlling.

This is good for you to understand, so you can notice it in other people.

Because if other people are trying to control you, trying to control the universe, or trying to control the world unsuccessfully, it means they have some underlying fear.

Look at your own life:

  • Where are you trying to manipulate circumstances?
  • Where are you trying to control the universe?
  • Where are you trying to control other people?

Is there maybe some fear lurking underneath that?

Are you afraid of something?

Ask yourself these questions so you start to become more aware of your fear.

Avoiding Fear

The second thing that people do is avoid fear.

We pretend like it’s not there.

We hold it in.

We act like it’s no big deal. We’re super strong. We’ve got it covered.

And then our fear peeks out. It’s like, “your fear is showing.”

It comes out in ways that are puzzling sometimes.

If you pay attention to yourself, you’ll see it. You’ll see how little things that aren’t a big deal suddenly freak us out. We have big emotions with small things.

This is because we’re not dealing with our underlying fear.

We’re pushing the fear down like a ball in water. We’re resisting it. We’re pushing it down. But then it pops up at the most inopportune times. It scares us. It embarrasses us.

This is a sign to examine where fear shows up most for you in your life, not avoid it.

Obsessing Over Fear

The other way fear shows up is when you obsess over it.

Depending on what you’re afraid of, you start obsessing over a thing on the news.

For some of you it might be brutality.

For some of you it might be politics.

For some of you it might be the weather, the hurricanes that are coming to the coast.

It might be COVID, illness, or sickness in your children.

You keep reading the same articles, watching the same segments, and consuming the same information to prove your fear is real.

You look to justify your fear–to confirm your thoughts about your fear.

Here’s the truth:

All this does is compound your fear and make it worse.

You Will Overcome Fear

This obsession with fear is creating a spin in your mind that doesn’t make any progress.

It holds you down and holds you back.

You may think you’re angry or frustrated, but really when you get down to it there’s a lot of fear going on beneath the surface.

If you feel like any of this describes you, then it will help you to process your own fear.

How to find it and acknowledge it. See the symptoms of it. Process it. And then utilize it in a way that will serve you.

Not sure where to start with fear?

What if you could experience fear without thinking the world is going to crumble around you. You don’t have to feel angry or frustrated about being afraid. And you can keep control of yourself, so you can change your life for the better, positively impacting those around you.

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But what if it is possible...?