Business Workshop 2019 Click Here

This is a first.

For the first time ever, I'm going to spend two days teaching business.

And it's open to everyone. (You don't have to be a coach.)

I'm going to cover all the best ideas, tools, and strategies I've used to create an eight figure business.

And I want to be very clear on exactly what that means…

That is $15 million collected in one year.

A lot of businesses base their income numbers on what they have sold. We only share what we have collected.

That's also with no debt.

And seven employees.

Most of you will not need training on making eight figures though.

So that's where my experience of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs building their businesses from the ground up will come in handy.

We have about six of those students who have hit or will hit the seven figure mark (in one year) in 2019.

But most of our students are aiming for and hitting six figures.

The focus of this training will be on the fastest way of getting there, the right way, so the growth can be exponential.

Here's what we will cover:

  1. Niche x Offer = Results
  2. Messaging and Copy
  3. Writing and Recording Content
  4. Funnels and Conversion
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Advertising Magic
  7. Selling with the “Before and After” Method

This workshop is not just going to be me lecturing and teaching. It's going to be you working on your business and leaving with work completed–not just a big to do list.

The live workshop is being held March 1-2, and is now SOLD OUT.

The recordings of the workshop are available for pre-purchase. They will be available to watch on April 1st.

The price is $1,997.