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Brooke Castillo

Can you do an A+ job by aiming for a B

One of the things I love doing is checking out our Certified Coaches' blogs and websites.  Bev Aron is rocking it out right now.  Her blog is fantastic.  You can go to her site by clicking the title below.

“I'm not perfect. Just awesome.”

 (This is my new favorite thought. Thanks Bev!)

Can you do an A+ job by aiming for a B-?

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Forever Free with Beverley Aron

 I recently completed a certification course at The Life Coach School.

(Highly recommended btw, if you like diving into a washing machine set on sanitary-super-hot-mega-spin, and emerging  shiny clean, sparkly, and brighter than bright… with killer coaching tools… and 12 NBFs who can see right through you… but that’s a topic for another day)

The instructor taught me to aim for B-
In everything.
Even coaching?

Stay with me here:
If you aim for A+
(can you hear me shouting “me me me”?)
you hold back
you play it safe
you’re tight and rigid
you’re serious and focused on your performance  and miss the person in front of you
you may not even sign up if you think you won’t excel
you may consider dropping out if you aren’t the A+ girl this time
(can you hear me shouting “me me me”?)

When you go for B-
you have fun
you take risks
you play
you jump off the cliff
you show up as yourself
you experiment
you ask for help
you’re creative
(can you hear me shouting “by George I think I’ve got it”?)

Now, if you were interviewing a life coach, a personal trainer, or a new best friend,
which of the above two descriptions would you choose?
uh huh.
B- model all the way

I’m teaching this concept to everyone I know
(OK next time I’ll hold back from the teen nephew – if my sister ever lets me talk to him again)

My mother embraced this concept as if she’d been waiting for it all her life
She called me yesterday – big party going on at her house all weekend
Lots of kids, people, food.
An occasion, usually, for her to become very stressed.
She’s her greatest critic.

I don’t usually look forward to those pre-party calls.
They’re often about how tired she is, how she dropped stuff, burned stuff, etc.

Last night, she was literally singing, relaxed, told me it will be what it will be.
I almost jumped into my car to find out what alien had invaded my mother!
No need.
She told me: “I’m aiming for B-“
The B- alien has landed.
And my mom’s life will never be as stressful again.
And she’ll have a lot more fun playing and singing on her way.

So, how did it go?
Turns out everyone had the best weekend ever.
Food was plentiful as always.
The difference this time is that Mom was present and relaxed, and the mood was noticeably more fun and playful.

Try it for a day.
Consciously aim for B-
Let me know if anything changes for you.