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Current Job Openings

For the first time, we are hiring life coaches at The Life Coach School. You’ll be able to coach all day from the comfort of your own home without having to do any marketing to get your own clients.

We are hiring a full-time, virtual (you work from home) position at The Life Coach School.  This is an employed position with full health benefits, six weeks vacation, and an education budget.  It’s a salaried position (200k per year) with bonus options.  If you feel you’re qualified, click Apply to learn about this opportunity.

What Makes Us Different?

At The Life Coach School we work hard. We are a small team of go-getters who set big goals and achieve them.

We keep things simple and constrain our focus.

We move very fast around here—we are efficient and prepared—we get ridiculous results.

We are committed to managing our own minds and we use our own model to do it. This helps us own our mistakes and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

We talk about issues out in the open—we like everyone to be in the know.

We tell the truth to each other.

We change our minds a lot because we are willing to learn by taking action.

We spend less time thinking and talking about what we are going to do and more time doing it.

We value a blue collar mentality. We all pitch in and help where needed. No job is too big or too small.

We represent the school by dressing up and working in a professional environment because we like to be a little bit fancy.

We love delighting our customers and over delivering.

It has to be fun (and hopefully funny) or forget it.

How We Work


Work Remotely

Most of our employees work from home. Appropriate office space and high speed network is required. We meet virtually, as a team, each week, and full-time employees have quarterly in-person meetings to review accomplishments and set rocks for each quarter.


Work Only During Work Hours

We want you to have a life outside the office. All employees follow a specific planning process—which we’ll teach you. We plan way ahead and prepare as early as possible. We don't like fires or emergencies. We don't want anyone to be stressed or too busy.


Own Your Wins

We hire people who are amazing at what they do. We expect you to be resourceful and empower you to make your own decisions. We also hold you responsible for achieving your personal goals, and contributing to team objectives.



We give amazing benefits including health insurance, vacations, and education allowance. We give random bonuses throughout the year for performance. Our philosophy is that we work blue collar and pay white collar.

Are you who we’re looking for?

You must be able to work under pressure—things change fast around here.

We expect you to set high standards for yourself and be an example of what is possible.

You must be a self starter with a high level of resourcefulness and initiative. There will be very little direction, and expectations are high.

You must be highly detail oriented with superb organizational and project management skills.

You must thrive on working hard to over deliver and delight the customer.

We expect you to be a great communicator, so you can collaborate with other team members in a professional, efficient manner.

You must have great tech skills and the ability to learn new software applications quickly.

We expect you to have fun.