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Coaching Business

Overwhelmed by Other’s Success

Sometimes I think other people’s success can feel bad. It’s not true. I know its just my thoughts about their success. But still. I am venturing into the world of video and getting myself crazy … Read More

It’s Not Always Fun

Being a life coach is amazing.  I think it is the best profession on the planet. You work from home, make your own hours, contribute to the greater good, and all without getting out of … Read More

A Coach’s Best Asset

Uninterrupted time. Being a coach isn’t just about coaching. It requires creation, thinking and learning. Great coaches spend time thinking about their clients.   They spend time coaching themselves. They read great books-they study and … Read More

Thoughts to Think

A large part of the work we do as coaches is cultivating new thoughts for the mind to think.  Once you understand your mind and how it works by increasing your awareness and consciousness, then … Read More


I spend a lot of my time trying to convince coaches to focus on a small group of people to market to. It’s just smart. Find a group of people and speak directly to them … Read More


You are going to get it. From your clients, from your peers, from your customers, and from strangers. Feedback can be useful. But here is what you must consider when listening, responding and utilizing feedback … Read More

A Gift for Your Clients

I am currently teaching a class on Creating Products to a group of LCS certified coaches. When I was preparing for the class, I thought a lot about why I think my products have been … Read More

Coach Interviews

Love this series Lisa Hayes did on “Gorgeous Genius Voices”. Have a free listen.  (She interviewed me first-so scroll to the bottom if you want to listen to that one.) http://www.gorgeousgeniusvoices.com/

Do it Yourself or Hire it Out?

This is the question. When it comes to a Life Coaching Practice I think there are some things you can not delegate.  You must learn how to do them well enough yourself so you can … Read More

When No One Shows

I was just talking to a new coach who offered a class and no one showed up to take it. She took this as a sign. She took this to mean maybe she shouldn’t be … Read More

Success is a Circle

You are going to hear this a lot from your clients… I want to get ahead I should be further along I can’t catch up I am always behind It’s as if we are all … Read More

Your Website

So many of you have told me you think your website being pretty is the most important thing when you are a new coach. My first website was really ugly. I created it for myself … Read More


This is a post I wrote on the forum of the Life Coach Training currently in session.  I thought some of you might also like reading it.   Hey Team, Sometimes I want to quit … Read More

Being a Student

“I don’t really want to have to think that hard.” One of my students told me this the other day. I’ve thought a lot about this. She just wants to coach and write, she doesn’t … Read More

What Twitter Did

Everyone was always telling me I needed to get on Facebook and Twitter. My clients wanted to hear from me more often. I never really wanted to. I didn’t understand it.  Didn’t feel “social”. And … Read More

Repel on Purpose

If no one is repelled by you. You are boring. Sorry. That’s just true. If you want to stand out-you need to stand for something. Lady Gaga. Oprah. Howard Stern. Obama. They all have haters … Read More


When a client decides they no longer want to be your client. When a reader stops reading your blog. When you get unfollowed or unfriended or unliked or unlinked or unsubscribed or unaccepted, you might … Read More

What I Said 10 Years from Now

My new friend (Jan):  I just saw your school featured again on the internet.  How do you do that? My future self (Brooke):  We do that by running a badass school. Jan:  I know, but … Read More

Not a Beginner Anymore

At The Life Coach School, we are always encouraging our students to allow themselves to be beginners. We use the example of a toddler learning to walk.  There is no reason to get angry or … Read More


One of the questions I get asked often from my students is:  Do I have to pick a niche? Well, first off, you don’t have to do anything. You can do whatever the heck you … Read More

When Your Client Cries

I had an amazing woman come and spend five days intensive coaching with me this week. The first day, she spent a lot of time crying. She told me later that she was intrigued by … Read More

I Want to be a Good Coach

This is something I have heard my students saying a lot lately. They question whether or not they are “good” coaches. I was trying to remember if I felt this way when I was a … Read More

Why Does Coaching Work?

Here is a post from a forum a few classes ago. It’s so good…   Meadow asked our students: Is the coach of the Lakers (I think his name is Phil Jackson) a better basketball … Read More

How Much Do you Make?

I get this question a lot from prospective coaches. They want verification that they can make a lot of money and a good living being a life coach. They think that my number will somehow … Read More

Blue Collar Coaching

I was recently told that I make this career look easy. That I give the impression that anyone can sit at home in their pajamas and make high six figures with very little effort. It … Read More

Your Coaching Style

Understanding your coaching style is important. Knowing your coaching super power is even more important. My coaching style is fast, intense, blunt, belief slaying, with a heap of love thrown in. My super power is … Read More

Love Your Clients

I don’t coach for money. I coach for love. That is what I train my student coaches to do. It is the most important piece of the training I tell my coaches that they have … Read More

Structuring Sessions

As a coach, I think it is very important to prepare for every session I have with a client. My clients are paying me money and spending their time to have a session and I … Read More

15. Dissonance

Change is usually why our clients come to us. The process of change most definitely will include dissonance. Dissonance is “a state of unrest and needing completion”. It is the difference between our old life and our new life, and the … Read More

Your People

New coaches always seem to make the same mistake when they start out. They want the whole ocean. They want every boat, fish, and piece of sand to visit their website and hire them. You … Read More