Emotional Eating

Video: The Food Journal

The easiest and best solution for awareness is a food journal. The clients that have the most success in losing weight, keep a food journal. They pay attention to what they’re eating. Join in as … Read More

Video: Self Care

Self care is paying attention to your mind. It’s checking in with yourself instead of living on auto pilot. Join in as Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School talks about self care and priorities … Read More

Weight Suffering

Those of us who have weight suffered, don’t need it explained. We know it. We can still feel and remember the pain of it. Weight suffering isn’t just about how much you weigh or how … Read More

Fog Free Days

I love The Weight School I teach in-person and online with Susan Hyatt. One of the most rewarding things I do is read emails from women who have completed that course and have not only lost weight, … Read More

Being Conscious

How do naturally thin people know they’re going unconscious in their lives? Seriously. I know I’m going unconscious when I overeat or eat when I’m not hungry.  It’s my signal. My reminder.  My alarm. Whenever … Read More