Video: Exercise

So many of our clients come to us as coaches wanting to lose weight. One of the things that they really think they have to do is exercise and yet they hate exercise. As coaches we’re … Read More

16. Cheer Leading

Yay!  Good for you client!  You lost 20 pounds!   Congratulations! Nothing makes me cringe more. The type of coaching we teach and do at the Life Coach School is based on the cause of … Read More

Weight Suffering

Those of us who have weight suffered, don’t need it explained. We know it. We can still feel and remember the pain of it. Weight suffering isn’t just about how much you weigh or how … Read More

Questions Change Everything

Right now I am in Hawaii with my family. I am truthfully having the time of my life. I watched my son surf this morning while drinking my second cup of coffee. It doesn’t get … Read More