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One of my clients gave me a gift at our retreat. It was a professional drawing with a poem. Beautiful. It said:   I used to wait for a sign, she said, before I did … Read More

It Sucks – Let it Go…

Have you ever spent such a long time working on something that you can’t let it go? Even when you know it sucks? A friend you’ve had for 10 years…but let’s be honest, you guys … Read More

Gossip is Good

Yesterday I got a direct message on twitter from a high profile coach whom I have admired for years. She told me that she had heard really good things about me from a few of … Read More

Pain is Pain

For some reason, Jennifer Aniston’s name comes up a lot in my coaching. My clients seem to want to be her-or at least have her body. So I think about Jen a lot. I think … Read More

Sideline Expert

I’m an amazing U11 Boys Soccer Goalie. Just ask me. I sit on the sidelines and know exactly what my son needs to do. I never get tired. I could’ve gotten all the saves. I … Read More

Unconditional Love

It’s not just for Mother Teresa. It’s not just for the person you’re loving. It’s for you. When you love someone without condition, they get to be themselves around you. They get to enjoy a … Read More

Loving is Hard When it’s Hard

Love is amazing when it’s easy. The other person is doing what you like, when you like it, so the loving comes easily. And it feels great. But then they do something you don’t like. … Read More

I Just Wanted to Be Like Her

When I was younger, I just wanted to be like her. I spent hours thinking about how she had it made… She was beautiful. She was rich. She was talented. She was loved. And most … Read More

Allow Yourself to Want

I never really noticed this before, but I sometimes restrict my wanting. I don’t allow myself to want everything I want. Because…I believe I can’t have it even before I want it. It’s almost like … Read More

Processing Joy

Today, I cried. For about an hour. Not because I was sad, but because I was happy. I just had a huge enrollment at the school. This has been my most successful year of my … Read More

Learn How to Fail

Chris and I went to see the documentary, A Race to Nowhere, last night. If you have kids, just go see it. It talks about our educational system and some of its shortcomings (to say … Read More


When you compare your life to someone else’s life, you lose. You miss the point. You either feel inferior or superior.  Not a good multiple choice. It’s the opposite of abundance. When someone is kicking … Read More

This is Supposed to be Happening

Whatever it is you are dealing with now-know that it is supposed to be happening. Nothing has gone wrong. It is FOR  you, not against you. It’s a gift to you. Thrashing against it helps … Read More

What are We Supposed to Look Like?

Such a common, silent question. Where does your mind go when you ask it? Beautiful? Thin? Attractive? No wrinkles or pores? How do we go about answering this question? Do we google it? Check the … Read More

What if You Really Believed This?

You are loved. Truly. Deeply. Not because of anything you have done or deserve, but just because you’re you. You don’t have to change, or do it better, or improve. There is nothing needed to … Read More

Questions Change Everything

Right now I am in Hawaii with my family. I am truthfully having the time of my life. I watched my son surf this morning while drinking my second cup of coffee. It doesn’t get … Read More

Never Say Never

Ten years ago, I cut up my credit cards and paid off all my debt. I have been debt free ever since. I have felt free ever since. Dave Ramsey taught me so much about … Read More


I hate losing.  I love winning. As I watch the Olympics, it is my favorite to watch the gold medalists cross the finish line.  I imagine how amazing that must feel. My heart breaks for … Read More

Self Discovery

I believe that self discovery is the most important item on our to do list. As we find out more about ourselves, we learn how humans operate. We develop compassion and understanding, not just for … Read More

When Want Turns to Have

When you use the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you start feeling what it would be like to have it now. If you really want more money so you can travel and … Read More

What is Kindness?

When I work with clients, I always spend a lot of time on kindness. Especially self-kindness. Amazingly, though, most of us don’t really know what kindness is. We mistake kindness for pleasing, for placating. Kindness … Read More

Every Problem Has a Solution

This thought sets me free. Anytime I have any kind of “problem” in my life that is causing me any emotinal pain, I remember that there’s a solution. Just the idea of the solution sets … Read More