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The Life Coach School

I Have a Great Time with My Life

I was putting together some videos for my students at The Life Coach School.  I came across a fantastic one by Will Smith.  It’s about 10 minutes and I highly recommend you have a listen. He … Read More

A Coach’s Best Asset

Uninterrupted time. Being a coach isn’t just about coaching. It requires creation, thinking and learning. Great coaches spend time thinking about their clients.   They spend time coaching themselves. They read great books-they study and … Read More

Book Recommendations-Master Class

During Master Class Coach Training, I asked the students to give me their top five picks for books.  I loved reading their answers and thought you might too. Kris Plachy Mitten Strings for God– Katrina … Read More

Thoughts to Think

A large part of the work we do as coaches is cultivating new thoughts for the mind to think.  Once you understand your mind and how it works by increasing your awareness and consciousness, then … Read More

A Gift for Your Clients

I am currently teaching a class on Creating Products to a group of LCS certified coaches. When I was preparing for the class, I thought a lot about why I think my products have been … Read More

We Can Do Hard Things

I make no secret of it. It’s easy to teach an easy class. But when no one is challenged or asked to do anything, they don’t learn anything. They don’t grow. They don’t learn how … Read More

How’s Your Story?

One of the tools we use here at the school with ourselves and our clients is Finding a New Thought. We teach that nothing in the past ever is the cause for our emotion now. … Read More

Not a Beginner Anymore

At The Life Coach School, we are always encouraging our students to allow themselves to be beginners. We use the example of a toddler learning to walk.  There is no reason to get angry or … Read More