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The Model

How to Ask for Something

I always encourage my clients to ask for what they want. People love to give. They want to say yes. (It’s easier than saying no.) Remember this… 1. If you are asking someone for something … Read More

I Have a Great Time with My Life

I was putting together some videos for my students at The Life Coach School.  I came across a fantastic one by Will Smith.  It’s about 10 minutes and I highly recommend you have a listen. He … Read More


Give to people who don’t appreciate it Give to people who can never pay you back Give to people who think they give you more Give to people you love and to people you don’t … Read More

Got Milk?

  Client:   I would love some insight on this one. I am single and would love to be in a loving relationship. How do I accept this? If I do, won’t that mean it … Read More


We talk a lot about “manuals” in training. We mostly talk about the ones we have written for others to follow. We believe if they follow our manuals we will be happy. When they don’t, … Read More

How’s Your Story?

One of the tools we use here at the school with ourselves and our clients is Finding a New Thought. We teach that nothing in the past ever is the cause for our emotion now. … Read More

Self Coaching 101 The Model

Here is a recording of me giving an overview of the Self Coaching 101 Model If you hover over it, you will see the play button.  It’s about 15 minutes long. SC101 Alternately, here is … Read More

17. Directing Your Thinking

Directing your thinking means to be aware of what you are thinking and then to consciously decide what to think.   For example.  If you have a large plate of food, you will need to … Read More

16. Cheer Leading

Yay!  Good for you client!  You lost 20 pounds!   Congratulations! Nothing makes me cringe more. The type of coaching we teach and do at the Life Coach School is based on the cause of … Read More

15. Dissonance

Change is usually why our clients come to us. The process of change most definitely will include dissonance. Dissonance is “a state of unrest and needing completion”. It is the difference between our old life and our new life, and the … Read More

14. Settling vs. Acceptance

When we start doing thought work-we realize that our thoughts are the cause of our happiness or lack thereof. What this means is that we can find a way to be happy in most situations. … Read More

The Fear of Having to Take Action

When working with ourselves and our clients-we are sometimes afraid to do the thought work because we think it means we will have to take action on what we find. For example, if you work … Read More

Weight Suffering

Those of us who have weight suffered, don’t need it explained. We know it. We can still feel and remember the pain of it. Weight suffering isn’t just about how much you weigh or how … Read More

Who’s Happier?

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous.  Is she happier than you? Oprah Winfrey has an audience of millions. Is she happier than someone with an audience of 50? Lady Gaga’s career is on fire.  Is she happier … Read More

It’s Not Always About Changing

The first step in all coaching is awareness. So many of us are living our lives unconsciously. We don’t understand why we do what we do or why we get the results we consistently get. … Read More

Dreams Don’t Come True

Dreams don’t come. You have to go out there and get them. When people hear about me traveling all year they often say, “Must be nice.” I always say, “It is.” I own it. I don’t apologize … Read More