Coach Certification: Live

The coach training you’ve been waiting for

This New Career Changes Everything

Are you ready for a new opportunity?

A new experience?

A new career?

A new life?

I have an opportunity for you that has never been available before.

This is an opportunity to create the life of your dreams in a matter of five days.

You have dreamt of having a new career.

One where you can make a contribution and leave a legacy.

One where you are helping people and making great money.

One where you have the freedom to create the exact life you want.

Becoming a life coach is that opportunity.

But not just any life coach.

A life coach certified through The Life Coach School.

Make no mistake, this is the best coaching school in the world.


Because of the Life Coaching Model.

This unique mechanism is the difference between a career and a hobby.

It’s the tool that makes all the difference for you and for your clients.

It doesn’t matter that you are a brand new beginner.

It doesn’t matter that you are unsure or afraid.

We have created a training that starts with you right where you are.

We teach you every single thing you need to know from scratch.

We teach you how to coach.

We teach you how to deal with any problems you might face.

We teach you how to determine when issues are better suited for therapy.

We teach you how to hold space for your clients so you don’t have to know their answers, but rather you help them find their own.

We have thought of everything.

We created a Curriculum Book with all the tools for easy study and reference.

We will teach you each of the concepts live so you can ask us questions and see them demonstrated.

We will have a panel of coaches with different styles, personalities, and backgrounds so you can see that there is no right way to be a coach.

We will show you dozens of different examples of coaching so you will recognize how to handle situations as they present to you in your coaching sessions.

We will do all this in five days of intensive learning.

In person or on Zoom. It’s up to you.

You can be in the actual room, or you can be in the virtual room—the teaching will be the same.

Once you have learned the concepts directly from me and my coaches live, then the personal attention will begin.

With our Certification, your journey is customized to you.

You will receive 20 personalized private instructor sessions with you and a certified instructor.

You can use these sessions anyway you want.

You can get coaching.

You can coach the coach and get feedback.

You can review your coaching sessions to get feedback.

You can practice applying the tools and ask questions.

Or you can submit for Certification.

It’s the only coach school in the world where you get a personalized and customized experience.

If you want to get certified fast, schedule all your sessions and get it done.

If you want to take your time, schedule them weeks apart and take your time.

As long as you certify in one year, the choice is yours.

Your training, your pace.

No more waiting around for others to catch up.

No more being confused as others move more quickly.

It’s you learning with our instructors one-on-one at your own level and your own desired rate.

Once you are ready to certify, you submit the requirements and schedule a Certification interview with an instructor.

You will either get certified or get the feedback you need to be able to practice more until you do.

No rush. No hurry. We are here for you.

Once you are certified, the fun can really begin.

You will get immediate access to Self Coaching Scholars for six months.

This will include a coach Mentoring Session each week as well as special calls only for certified coaches within Scholars. This will catapult your experience and support as a coach.

You will get access to Brooke coaching live to get help and to watch many different examples of coaching.

You will get the full Entrepreneurship Training on how to build your business step-by-step.

If you would rather work for a corporation as a coach, you will get full access to Applied Coaching Training that will take your coaching to the next level and help prepare you to apply for The Life Coach School or another organization.

And that isn’t even the best part.

The best part is that you will get full access to all the Alumni Benefits of being an Active Certified Coach: an annual Mastermind event, monthly trainings and advanced ongoing trainings through master coaches.



There is no comparison.

There is no opportunity that even comes close.

Our parents didn’t have this chance. But you do.

Right now.

Will you take it?

Life Coach Training and Certification through The Life Coach School.

It’s a new opportunity.

But it won’t last.

Your time is now.

Are you coming?

Let’s go.

See you in Austin, TX.

Join us for this LIVE Coach Training June 18th – June 21st.

“Sign up now! Don't hesitate. It will transform the way you think about yourself and the people in your life. It will evolve your brain in a way you never imagined.”

Alisha Robinson

“This was by far the best decision and investment I’ve ever made. I knew I’d learn how to coach others but I had no idea how life changing this experience would be for myself and my own growth. I’m finally in the right mindset to lose weight, improve my relationships, and reach my financial goals. If you’re on the fence, know that if you do sign up, the LCS team has your back and your investment will come back 10 fold.”

Zayne K.

“I am able to take the tools and principles that I’ve learned at The Life Coach School through Certification and apply them in my personal life, my family life, and also in my business.”

Carrie Marshall

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