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Certification FAQ

How Can We Help?

This page contains answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Coach Certification Program.


How Do Payments Work?

You may make one full payment or six monthly payments. If you choose the monthly option, you’re charged the first payment of $3,500 upon enrollment. Each payment thereafter is charged every 30 days after your initial payment.

I’m all in. Any ideas about how other people have paid for this?

Our committed students have come up with all kinds of creative ways to pay for their training. They take massive action. And it’s so worth figuring out.

Can I split the payments into smaller amounts and pay over a longer period of time?

The only options available are one full payment or six monthly payments.

Are There Other Expenses Besides The Cost Of Tuition?

There are no other costs at all. We provide a few tech suggestions upon enrollment that will help you get started in your coaching business, like a professional microphone and webcam, but they are not required.

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

We don’t offer scholarships or discounts. All of our students invest the same amount for Certification.

Why do I have to pay before the program starts?

Our classes fill up very quickly. As soon as you enroll and begin paying, you’ve reserved your spot. You’ll receive access to our monthly membership to Self Coaching Scholars (a $297 value) when you enroll. Your free membership continues until one year after the Certification program begins. The sooner you sign up, the longer your included membership will be.

Can I work full time and do the program?

This program is set up perfectly for “busy” people. You can complete everything flexibly within your unique schedule, as long as you make it to your weekly live small group.

How many hours per week do I need to plan for?

We recommend allotting about five hours per week to complete your requirements.

How does it work if I’m already a Scholar?

We’ll take care of it for you. As soon as you enroll in the Coach Certification Program, your Scholars payments will end and your included year of Scholars will begin.

What if I have to miss a class?

It’s not a problem. The program is designed for remote access wherever you are to make attendance easy. You’ll benefit the most from attending the majority of the classes and going all in.

Can I choose which day of the week I meet with my group?

Yes. Upon enrollment, you’ll have the option to select a time that works best for your schedule. We assure you, you’ll have plenty of choices.

If my schedule changes, can I switch my small group in the middle of the program?

You won’t be able to switch groups during the program. You’ll be working with your same instructor and small group for the duration of the six-month program.

If I enroll in the program, can I get a job with the school?

We’re currently hiring many of our Certified Coaches to work for The Life Coach School. We’d love to have you apply.