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At The Life Coach School, we’ve seen so many amazing student success stories—and yours could be next. When you become a life coach, you begin a career living the dream. You spend every day helping people while truly fulfilling your potential.

Getting certified as a life coach gives you complete control over your future, including how much money you make. Check out the testimonials below to see how our students have created a life completely on their own terms, and how you could do the same.

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Elizabeth Salazar
Stacey Boehman
Joey Mascio
Lindsay Dotzlaf
Natalya Gaffney
Janet Archer
Eric Phillips
Lisa Hatlestad
Caitlin Faas

The Coach Certification Program at The Life Coach School gives you the tools you need to succeed during and after your certification.

You’ll graduate from the program with a double certification as a life and weight coach—and the ability to start making money immediately.

When you get certified through our Coach Training, you have the opportunity to build a lucrative coaching business beyond your wildest dreams or have massive success while coaching full time for another company. There’s no limit for highly skilled life coaches.

If you’ve dreamed of a career that offers complete freedom, we invite you to join an amazing class of students who are committed to creating the best version of themselves. You’re one click away from changing your life forever. Your dream life starts today.

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"Coach Certification was awesome for me because it really changed how I was feeling inside. I really felt like there was a tornado going on inside of my body with all of my emotions and all of my thoughts. I learned all of the tools that I needed to learn to calm that tornado down. Now I can just live my life.”

- Andrea Scalici

“I was so unhappy with my own life, and I just wanted to find something that could really impact what I was doing because I was so miserable. After hiring a life coach and being able to see the difference that it made for my own life, I knew that I could do this for other people and that I could really help other people with the skills and the tools that I learned.”

- Carrie Marshall

"Self Coaching Scholars was amazing; it took things to a whole new level. But it was really when I finally got to join the Coach Certification Program that I had amazing changes and I was able to apply everything that I was learning to coach other people.”

- Lauren Cash

"The tools, support, and benefits of getting certified through The Life Coach School are second to none. Having completed the Coach Certification Program, I can honestly say I cannot imagine spending the last six months doing anything else. The trajectory of my life is forever changed. Thank you, Brooke and the LCS team, for everything!"

- Vanessa Foerster

"It's the best $18k I've ever invested! The Life Coach School is top notch as far as professionalism, overdelivering, and focusing you on just taking the next step forward. I have been in other lengthy coaching programs and there is just no comparison in my mind. Brooke is always coming up with new tools and rethinking things. I feel blessed that she has helped change my life so drastically just by me learning to use the Model so deeply in my life… and then passing that on to my clients.”

- Rebecca Tervo

"If you are hungry for this type of work, this is the best investment you could make in yourself and your life. But just know, if you decide to jump in, you're coming out a different person. And the price tag—jaw dropped when I first saw it 7.5 months ago… ha… this is amazing value.”

- Melissa Kwak MD

“The program is different from school-type learning where you are led. This program required me to reach beyond what I thought I could do.”

- Andrea Moore

“The quality of the content and the instructors exceeded my expectations. I was also thrilled with the quality/commitment of my colleagues.”

- Sheila Tully

“I enjoyed the clear structure of the program. A class released on Monday followed by the group call—it was clear and reliable, and the topics/information taught was life-changing.”

- Megan Emerson

“The quality of the program was above my expectations. The materials, teaching, and advice we received were incredibly valuable.”

- Yael Morag

“I believe these tools and this work are life-changing.”

- Whitney Wells

“Excellent program with SO much offered.”

- Jerica Jech

“This program blew my mind and still does. The Life Coach School overdelivers. I haven’t paid back my $18k yet, but with all these tools, I know I will.”

- Cheryl Banko

“Best. Life. Coaching. School. Period.”

- Sarah Rose

“All elements allowed for exploration, optimal reinforcement, and application of learned concepts.”

- Tracy C.

“The content. I am just astounded at the knowledge I now hold because of this class. The content is incredible. Life-changing. Astounding. Nothing like it.”

- Brittany Durazzani

“The support was awesome, the people in my group were like-minded, and I knew it was going to be the best investment I could make for myself.”

- Kim Steel

“Just ‘felt’ right.”

- Jared Lyman

“The LCS Certification Program has changed my life. Every time that I watched a class, I thought, ‘That's worth $18,000 in and of itself.’ I've learned so much about how the mind works, about how to relate to other people, and about possibilities and mindset. This program has afforded me understanding that I didn't think was possible.”

- Jenny Hillger

“I got so much out of the program personally that I already feel like I got my money's worth. People notice a difference, and I feel like a different person. Looking forward to the next part of the program as well as starting my own practice.”

- Sara Garska

“Overdelivery of quality product and training. Package was phenomenal—highest value!! Be open, be willing to show up. Do the work, engage and participate with your classmates. Coach yourself, your peers, and others as much and as frequently as you can. Be willing to go for it, feel any fear that may come up, and move forward. This is how you grow and become a dynamic, confident coach who can help others work through their emotional suffering.”

- Tana Harter

“Get ready to become a new person.”

- Carol Swain

“I’m so glad I decided to get my certification through The Life Coach School. The tools they teach are phenomenal. They require a high level of understanding, experience, and coaching proficiency before they certify their students. It was worth the investment to ensure I can provide amazing coaching for my clients!”

- Jen Walter

“Join now and don't wait. It is life-changing, whether you become a coach or not.”

- Brye Sargent

“If you hear your heart pushing you to do this program, do it. Do it right now. Don't make it complicated or dramatic. Don't wait for the next class or for you to figure things out. Get the money together and just pay for it. I took out a personal loan to pay for the full amount of the program and have not regretted that decision once. I already have PAYING CLIENTS and I just got certified yesterday! If you believe you will make the money back, you will.”

- Raquel Bedoya

“The work you do on yourself and your life will be the most surprising thing in the program. You think you know this work until you go through coach training. It took EVERYTHING to the next level!”

- Delight

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