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Do you wish you could take a class that would really, truly change everything?

Specifically, a class where the teacher made it fun and the material changed
the way you saw yourself and your life?

We Are

THe Life Coach School

And we teach that class.

The Training Experience

Enjoy your carefully designed training during the six day experience. It's offered live and in-person. Brooke will take you personally through each of the tools, processes and sessions plans until you have mastered and can coach easily on any topic.

Become a Coach

After your in-person experience, welcome to 90 days of coaching and practicing with clients. Your certification process with a Master Coach is filled with even more learning and lots of masterful coaching practice. We provide both the clients and the feedback.


After you are certified, you get twelve months of full-service business building coaching and application with our in-house Business Strategist. We will take the steps with you to make sure your business is up and running completely. We can handle all the tech issues and infrastructure so you can start coaching without any entrepreneurial confusion.

Your Adventure Awaits

Arrive for your training in September 2017. You will never regret the life-changing experience of learning the skills of life or weight coaching.

Rely on our experience to guide you from interested and maybe tentative, to knowledgable and confident. You will discover how to coach yourself, your clients and how to make money doing what you love.

Uncover more details about this exclusive Life Coach School Experience by watching the Mini Course offered below. Find out what else is included in the cost of the training, how we support you after you graduate, and who is available to help you begin planning today. When you enroll in the mini-training below, you will also be sent a packet that will give details about the Certification Program. We will also invite you to an information call where you can ask questions and get a better understanding of the entire Certification Program, who we think is a good fit, and how you can apply.

Are you ready to fulfill your potential?

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You're Invited

The Six Day Experience


September 8th - 13th


El Dorado Hills, CA

Six Days of Classes. Life & Weight Coach Training.
Limited Class Size. Brooke Castillo and Master Teachers. 90 Days Practicum. One year Business Training and Support. Community. Yearly Mastermind. All Included. All Awesome.

You will master all the tools of Life & Weight Coaching as introduced on our webinars and on my podcast.

Class of March 2015

This work will rock your world. Let it.

-Brooke Castillo