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April Coach Training is Now Open for Enrollment


What Our Certified Coaches Are Saying

“I would tell someone thinking about enrolling that they need to just do it! Push the damn button! The return on investment is more than just monetary. Once you leave the Coach Certification Program, you will have gained a whole crazy family of diverse amazing do-gooders, AND you will be armed with the tools to create the change we all so desperately want to see in the world.”

Judith Gaton

“I joined Coach Certification because I believe the tools taught by LCS are revolutionary, AND I wanted to share them with my clients. Certification turned out to be first and foremost about my own transformation.”

Marlene McNally

“Do it! Don't wait! Even if you never coach another person after you certify, you will have experienced the most incredible self-transformation available. The skills you gain will continue to improve every aspect of your life long after training.”

Emily J.

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April Coach Training is Now Open for Enrollment