Alana Schramm

: Intuition and Subconscious Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

Subconscious mindset coaching x Emotion alchemy x Intuition integration

When we get stuck in thought work or in life it’s because we are overusing our rational minds and not using the other parts of ourselves the way they were meant to be used, i.e.:

Intuition: decision maker

Mind: implementer of decisions

Emotions: indicator of alignment in decisions

When we try to use the mind to make decisions, and force our intuition to conform to the mind’s ideas, we run into trouble.

When we stay only in our internal world and don’t use the mind’s amazing ability to brainstorm, plan, analyze and evaluate, we run into trouble.

When we beat ourselves up for having negative emotions instead of using them as benevolent allies, we run into trouble.

Who YOU are, isn’t any of these individual parts,

You’re the consciousness behind them,

You’re like the CEO in a room full of your employee selves, and your job isn’t to change anything about the way your mind, intuition or emotions work, vilify them, or “fire” them,

Your job is to assign the right employee to the right job.

If you’re finding yourself:
Judging yourself,
Neglecting your intuition,
Resisting your emotions,

There’s tension or negligence between the employees and the boss.

And for a company to be successful and run like a well-oiled machine, there needs to be acknowledgment, appreciation and trust instead.

When we work together, creating this will be super simple:

All it takes is a few steps like checking everyone’s job description and then letting each part do what it’s best at.

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