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Allie Lieber

: Anxiety Relief Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help ambitious Jew-ish women ditch their anxious, looping thoughts so they can be present and enjoy life.

I can help you, because I was you. Even though I was living the life I thought I always wanted - I had an amazing senior management job at Google, a loving husband, and a beautiful house by the beach - my life was dictated by anxiety. 

As a third-generation Holocaust survivor, I was constantly assuming the worst-case scenario, worrying about “letting anyone down,” chasing external validation, agonizing over decisions, and burying myself in my work.

When I plateaued in therapy, Life Coaching gave me the tools to finally feel calm, clear, and confident.  I “graduated” from therapy, stopped taking SSRIs, and got so much time & energy back. I’ve packaged up what I learned in coaching, yoga, meditation, and my Jewish upbringing into a highly effective, structured yet mind-blowing anxiety relief program.

You can feel calm, clear, and confident, too. I will work with you to get there.

Work with Me

In my Anxiety Relief for the Jew-ish Mind Program, I help anxious Jew-ish women not only get a grasp on their anxiety but actually learn to let it go so they can be present and enjoy life.

Once we’re done, you’ll feel free of the spiraling, anxious thoughts that keep you stuck and afraid.  You’ll be ready to create and live a life that you want, not one that your anxiety thinks you need to have.

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