Allison Anderson, MD

: The Relationship Coach for High-Achieving Women

Coaching Philosophy

As a board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and certified life coach, I’m on a mission to help high-achieving women enjoy personal lives as extraordinary as their careers by creating the relationships they desire. Through our work together, you will stop the creeping loneliness, resentment and boredom that are starting to feel inevitable in your partnership. You will infuse your marriage with intimacy and connection. Or if you’re single, I’ll support you on your dating journey, help you get clear on exactly what you’re looking for and teach you how to use dating as the ultimate personal development tool. You've spent years creating your impressive career; let’s get you the relationship to match!

Work with Me

Is your partner starting to feel more like a roommate? Do you have a spouse that’s nice, a good parent, a great teammate - but still feel like you want more? Are you ready to take your marriage from fine to FIRE?

Or, have you put your romantic life on the back burner while working towards your career goals? Are you divorced and ready to date again? Do you want to cultivate your next relationship with intention and clarity?

If so, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation. My signature 1:1 coaching programs, Marriage MD and Dating MD are THE place where high-achieving women take their relationships from so-so to soooo amazing. I’ll give you all the tools you need to enjoy a partnership that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

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