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Allyson Cole

: Divorce Recovery Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Divorced? Are you ready to move on and create your own version of happily ever after? I help divorced women make peace with the past, rebuild their self-confidence, and find renewed purpose. Your divorce can be a stepping stone towards the life you've always wanted. If you are ready to fall in love with your life and what is possible, let me show you how.

Work with Me

Click HERE to schedule a free consult call to discuss working with me.  Depending on your goals and situation, I offer specialized one-to-one coaching that can accelerate your growth and help you get extraordinary results.

I have also created The Divorce Reset Program, a 9 week coaching program that focuses on three areas of growth: first, moving on (or in other words… letting go of the past and becoming fully divorced mentally and emotionally.) Second, building your self-confidence and improving your relationships with yourself and others; and, third, moving forward by setting clear goals around dating/ relationships, career, money and adventure.

You can change your life and your divorce story. This next chapter of your life can be amazing. If you are interested, book a free 30 minute consult call and we can talk about where you are at and where you’d like to go. I also offer a lot of free resources on my website, a weekly podcast, a community of supportive and like-minded women on Facebook and regular emails full of encouragement and coaching tools.

Having walked the path of divorce and infidelity, I am committed to helping women navigate this experience and create something new and amazing on the other side of divorce and break up.