Alyssa Malin

: Founder & Coach at The Stet Collective l Coaching and Community for Women in Law

Expert Overview

The Stet Collective is a Community for Women in Law.

Our clients come to us for coaching after having pushed aside how they feel for far too long. They’ve changed jobs, gotten promotions, gone in-house, worked harder, worked more, worked less, worked with executive coaches and therapists, taken anxiety meds, sleeping aids, self-medicated, and tried exercise, yoga, meditation, vacation and all the self-help books.

But none of those things work for the long-term because they don’t address the real problem.

We think our job, past choices, our boss, the profession, our co-workers, etc. are making us miserable, but anyone who has changed jobs knows that wherever you go, the same frustrations always manage to resurface.

Without question, law firm/corporate culture and the legal profession need to change. Most of us are operating in a system that was designed for men by men and does not accommodate the realities of a woman's life.  Not to mention the unhelpful ways women are socialized to diminish/devalue themselves and put the needs and opinions of others first. All of this can make change seem impossible.

But we are in control of our own misery, and conversely our own happiness, more than we know. The key is adjusting the framework through which we see ourselves and the world. This is the work we will do together.

At the Stet Collective we encourage our clients to embrace "stet."  To let it stand. To stop "editing" your life based on disempowering feelings and beliefs.

You feel stuck with no good options, but the truth is you aren't. Our work together will show you why and it will teach you how to immediately feel better and manage your life from a place of strength rather than burnout and hopelessness.

Our one-on-one coaching program with Alyssa Malin will teach you concrete, practical, lifelong skills to overcome core work/life challenges and be emotionally resilient in any situation.

Our community will give you access to resources for sustained self-discovery and growth and a supportive network of women doing the same work along with you.

At The Stet Collective you will find the coaching, resources, and community you need to end burnout, be the master of your own well-beingand lead a sustainable and fulfilling life inside and outside the office.

Work with Me

Inspired by her own experience as an attorney whose life was transformed by coaching, Alyssa Malin became an LCS certified coach, left her job as general counsel to a large New York City real estate investment firm, and founded The Stet Collective to help other struggling attorneys achieve the same kind of transformation.

Twenty years of experience spanning all settings of the legal profession have allowed Alyssa to observe the prevailing thought patterns and social constructs that lead some women, and particularly women in law, to find their jobs unsustainable. As a J.D. with a bachelor's in sociology and coach certification from the premiere training program in the world, Alyssa’s methodology draws upon her own experience as well as the teachings of cognitive psychology, neuroplasticity, and feminist theory to help her clients build resilience, make empowered decisions, and go on to lead sustainable, fulfilling lives.