Amanda Dinsmore MD

: Physician Wellness Coach

Expert Overview

Myself and two other Emergency Physicians started The Whole Physician with the singular goal of Healing the Healer.  Our ideal clients are physicians who are ready to create better lives for themselves.  We have experience with suffering from burnout, excessive self criticism, perfectionism, felt exhausted, and even questioning if a career in medicine had been a mistake (because we've been there!).  With over 50+ combined years in busy ERs, we've seen a lot and have been through a lot in our careers and also outside of medicine.  Heck, two of us even quit our jobs at least once!  We have found a new peace through coaching.  We have replaced much of our previous misery with contentment through the power of coaching and would love to show you how as well.  Being ER Docs, we believe in rapid results with a sense of (borderline inappropriate) humor.  We want to show you how to feel better STAT.

Work with Me

You can reach me personally by emailing me, or visit our website.  We put out a lot of health and wellness content on our social media pages with a lifestyle/integrative medicine slant as well (see below).