Amy Babiuch, MD

: Personal Transformation Coaching & Retreats

Expert Overview

I help people who feel lost, stressed out, and unfulfilled. They want to feel better, they know they can feel better, but they don’t know where to start. Many are already in high-level or successful jobs and feel that they are either burning out or spinning their wheels.

Using my unique experience, background, education, and knowledge I employ an innovative whole-person approach using coaching techniques in conjunction with the scientific, holistic, and natural healing powers of our body and mind.

Among my deepest loves is re-energizing in one of the world’s blue zones, the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, where I have created a one-of-a-kind retreat experience involving deep-dive, immersive coaching and adventure.

Work with Me

I want anyone who also has built success in their life but still grapples with feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, unhappy, restless, or simply yearns for something more to know that there is a path to fulfillment, happiness, and peace. That staying with the status quo is not necessary.
Together we will create portals to greater potential in your life and career. Let’s open the doors to the fulfillment and happiness you have been craving. Visit my website or email me to begin your journey.

Email: [email protected]