Amy Koch

: Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults

Expert Overview

As a parent of 4 children (who, at one point, have all been teenagers), I understand the struggles that teenage life can bring. My goal is to help teens, young adults, and parents navigate the anxiety that often accompanies this stage of life and deliver the tools that build confidence through this process.

As someone who has experienced anxiety on a very personal level, I was motivated to search for real solutions. Finding answers has changed everything for me.

My passion is teaching and helping others who are tired of feeling anxious to move forward once and for all. I believe we have the power to meet any challenge, find greater peace within, and build on essential life skills—most importantly, managing our minds.

Work with Me

My program covers all the tools you need to navigate anxiety and build confidence. We explore any area you wish to dive deep and strengthen over the course of our time together.

You will learn research-based strategies so you can:

  • Find Relief from Anxiety
  • Build Lasting Self-Confidence
  • Work with Your Brain’s Unhelpful Tendencies
  • Handle Strong Emotions
  • Strengthen Any Relationship
  • Eliminate Worry About What Others Think
  • Plan, Schedule, & Manage Your Time
  • Stop Obsessive Overthinking
  • Move Out of Perfectionism
  • Identify Personal Values, Strengths & Priorities
  • Tune Into & Trust Your Own Inner Wisdom
  • Transform Your Goals into Realities

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