Amy Watson

: Life after Babyloss Coach

Expert Overview

So many moms who lose a baby feel alone and forever broken. After my daughter was stillborn at full term, I was devastated, but I knew that I wanted to find healing. I wanted to be whole again and live the best life I could to honor my baby. So I started my search for the way. Over the next years I faced pregnancy after loss, a miscarriage at 14 weeks, and another high risk pregnancy.

I combine all my own experience with the amazing coaching tools from LCS and create something you won't find anywhere else.

You are safe with me. You don't have to explain anything. I get it.

Starting exactly where you are, you'll learn:

  • how to stop fighting with grief
  • radical self compassion
  • how to let go of blame, shame and guilt
  • how to start creating a future you can look forward to

Losing a baby is nothing you ever asked for. But it isn't the end.

You can have a beautiful life after loss, even without all your babies in your arms.

And I can show you how.

Work with Me

I offer one on one coaching customized to your exact needs. If you have lost a baby at any point, I am the coach for you.

  • healing your grieving heart
  • pregnancy after loss
  • bringing your baby with you as you move forward

Come to a consult call and let's talk.

You can also listen to my podcast, Smooth Stones