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Ana Verzone

: Freedom & Resilience Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help rebel yogis and wanna-be Buddhas design and live a life of no regrets, with TRUE freedom inside and out. I know you can be spiritual AND have a rebellious, naughty streak at the same time. I see that as a strength in this journey - and it makes it more fun! My clients learn to use radical mindfulness and cultivate the resilience they need so they can confidently get out there and do what it takes to create the life they were meant to live, with more freedom, adventure, and purpose. My motto is “free your mind, free your life.”

Work with Me

CLICK HERE to schedule a free strategy session with me. I will help you get more clear about a specific issue you want to work on and what steps you need to take next. Relationships? Career? Money? Adventure? Stress/Burnout? Want more freedom in your life? No problem! Bring it to me (and if I didn't list it, even better. Surprise me.).

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