Andrea Bussard

: Self and Relationship Coach for Leaders in the Service Industry

Expert Overview

With over 18 years in a customer facing service role, I've learned it's a reactionary profession where we're made to soak in judgments and opinions of others constantly. Growing up with my dad as a motivational speaker, this work has changed my life, and I'm looking to change yours by continuing his legacy. I teach my clients to ditch the anxiety and overwhelm so they can feel better at work today. I help restaurant industry leaders stop overdrinking and overeating, without sacrificing the relationship with themselves and others.

Work with Me

It all begins with an honest conversation and yourself.

What’s holding you back within your current beliefs?
Are you being too hard on yourself?
Do you have an all or nothing mentality, do it perfectly or not at all?

Dual processing within your mind is something that happens below the conscious level. Bringing your fears and insecurities to awareness, while uncovering why you’ve pushed them down for so long, can make all the difference.

I see you, I’ve felt how you’re feeling, and I understand how painful but transformational this work can be. I invite you, let’s sit together and take a look at your mind. Let's see how much perspective I can offer on a 30 min intro call, for your most problematic issue, to start feeling better NOW.

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